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NCAA bracket basics guide: Learn how to fill out March Madness brackets

If you are a sports fan or enjoy basketball, you are interested in participating in a March Madness pool, in which you must complete an NCAA bracket. You’ve already been invited to participate in one.

However, many times such a task can be intimidating. Not all sports or basketball fans know how to complete such a bracket. That is why in this article, we will present the basic steps to complete a March Madness bracket, along with other tips that will be very helpful.

March Madness is a sporting event in which 68 male basketball teams compete from different universities, which lasts around three weeks. During that period, sports bets soar at the march madness betting sites for USA players.

This tournament is one of the most significant events within the world of sports betting since it usually raises more money on bets than the Super Bowl. Therefore it is expected that all fans want to participate in internal pools.

Let’s get into business and explain how to fill out a March Madness bracket!

How to complete a March Madness bracket step by step

Completing a March Madness bracket is to predict what team will be victorious in each game throughout the tournament. A point is granted for each successful prediction (although there are other ways to carry out the score). Therefore, at the end of the tournament, whoever has obtained more points will be the winner.

1) You first need to print at 2023 March Madness bracket, which you may find all over the internet.

There are different types of scoring systems, and we recommend that you use the simplest, which is the one that assigns a point for every successful prediction. However, we must clarify that other brackets (such as ESPN) have another scoring system.

2) The next step is to complete the bracket with the teams that (you believe) will advance along the tournament. In this step, it is advisable to look for the groups with the most significant number of Seeds.

The Seeds are a way to qualify each team in a ranking (“Seed List”). Each section belongs to a division, which covers 16 units. Therefore the teams are allowed from 1 to 16 Seeds. Thus, there will be four teams with one seed, 4 with two sources, 4 with three roots, and so on.

The first games are almost always won by the teams with 1 or 2 seeds, so those are the easiest to complete. The ones that follow are the most difficult to predict.

You can find the ranking of the teams on the NCAA website (keep in mind that they change every year).

3) Once you have reached the more complex games to predict, performing more research is necessary. Knowing more accurately who can be the winner depends on how many teams research you are willing to carry out. You can use specific resources that we will mention later.

4) Thus, you must complete all the brackets until you reach the final match and have chosen the National Champion. Some pools request that you add the tiebreaker. Finally, you must submit your frame.

Some resources and advice

  • Many trends arise several weeks before March Madness begins. Some are important to consider since they can help you, and others don’t. The ones you should always consider are the following:
    • Those who refer to coaches and their experience.
    • Adjusted Defensive Efficiency. It is a statistic that serves to guide you in the Final Four.
    • 5 Seeds vs. 12 Seeds. It is about betting on the team with 12 seeds if it plays against a team of 5. It is a trend that is respected because it has happened for several years; therefore, despite being a matter of pure luck, it is considered.
  • Keep in mind the upsets. It refers to the more solid and well-positioned teams that can count on several reasons to lose in the tournament’s first stage.
  • Help yourself with the predictions made by experts on the subject.

Final Thoughts

At first, a March Madness bracket can be a bit intimidating, but once you understand it, you realize it is not that complicated. You can learn a lot about NCAA basketball and complete it, taking into account all the statistics, but you can also let chance guide you and assemble it, considering which mascot you like the most.

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