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As the Christmas season approaches, millions of people across the globe are warming up for the festivities. Many people are thinking about gift baskets and the right ones to order for friends and colleagues. This is perfectly in order, but the thing is you don’t always have to tread the beaten path. There is no law that says you must always go for the traditional Christmas hampers. You can think outside the box and come up with hamper ideas that will leave the recipients in open-mouthed amazement. Take a look at the ideas below and you can use them or modify them to suit your purpose.

Smart Ties Hamper

If you have a male friend who loves to dress well all the time, the smart ties hamper is an excellent idea. The good thing about this hamper is that there is only thing in it: ties. However, there is nothing bland about this hamper because these ties come in different styles and in different varieties. These days, millions of fashionable men don’t settle for the traditional ties senior citizens used to wear. Ties come in different colors, and they are made from different fabrics. Just put on your creative hat and go all out for way out ties. For best results, you can include bow ties, formal ties and anything else in-between. Send out this amazing hamper full of ties to your pals and they will love it.

Fashion Accessories Hamper

A hamper should not always be about food and drinks. Hampers that promote your sense of style and fashion are very important too. You probably want to buy clothes for your pals but because you may not have the accurate measurement for all these people, you simply decide to change your mind. Don’t let that discourage you. You can still make your hamper fashion-related. Just go all out and stack the hamper with a number of classy fashion accessories. These include rings, bangles, beads, belts, mufflers, scarves and tie clips and cuff links. Get these items packaged the right way, present the gift in one huge hamper and you just might start off another trend this season.

Mugs, Coffee and Tea Hamper

The great thing about this hamper idea is that most people fall into the coffee or tea category. Millions of people out there can’t get through the day without drinking tea or coffee. It follows that if you are sending different varieties of tea and coffee to your pals, you can’t be off the mark. The point here is that you have to do things in a creative and stylish way. Look out for different varieties of tea and while you are at it, you should go for different flavors. The same thing applies to the brands of coffee to you want to send out to your pals. Get some Arabica, Expresso, Black Coffee, Latte and Decaf then package them properly for your friends. Now, add a number of mugs in different designs as well as teacups, saucers and teaspoons. Get all these things together in the same hamper and send them out to your coffee and tea-loving pals. You can also add some chocolate drinks so that you have the complete package. There! Now, nobody can accuse you of discrimination. This is an excellent gift and your friends will love it.

The Perfect Grooming Hamper

Most people love to look great and there are no surprises here because looking good is good business. Send out a grooming hamper to your pals and they will thank you each time they look at the mirror. This hamper should contain all the regular items like body lotions, complexion creams, hair creams, moisturizers and the like. You can also include sun tan oil, exfoliators, hair conditioners and even combs of different sizes to make your pals happy. The best thing about this gift is that it is not gender-sensitive. You can send it to both male and female friends. You can as well as add aftershave, mascara, eye-shadow, lip gloss and nail polish. Send out this wonderful hamper to your pals and they will thank you for being so thoughtful.

Purely Nuts Hamper

As the name suggests, the purely nuts hamper is all about nuts. Look out for some of the best nuts on planet earth and get a large quantity of these nuts for your pals. You can include roasted peanuts, dried tiger nuts, fried sunflower seeds, walnuts and even exotic nuts from Africa like the highly nourishing Bambara nuts. Throw in some cashew nuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts and you have a huge collection of nuts right there. Get these nuts packaged or bottled properly them put them together in one huge hamper. Send out this hamper to your pals and most of them will practically go nuts (pun fully intended) for this hamper.

Pure Fruit Hamper

The pure fruit hamper is a great idea because it is getting increasingly popular these days. Just go for succulent like apples, pineapples, grape, strawberries, mangoes and peaches. Don’t forget citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and tangerines. Put these fruits together in a hamper and send them out to your friends and family and they will always thank you.

Send out the hampers on this list or create exotic hampers of your own. Do this and you will make a powerful statement with your hampers.

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