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Carry the Loads of Weight with Powerful FIBC Bags

To store the various food items or transport them, FIBC bags are very useful. These bags are also called Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. These types of bags are normally used as they come with various range of options to lifting, filling and also as discharge. The clients can go for those bags as per their requirements. While going to select the PP Jumbo Bags for your packaging purposes the users must be aware of the FIBC bags in detail.

What are the Types of FIBC Bags?

FIBC bags which are commonly known as PP Jumbo Bags, have various uses. These bags are available in various types according to their requirements. Below mentioned are a few types of FIBC bags.

  • U-Panel

These types of FIBC bags are more Superior if we compare them to other types of bags. These types of bags are prepared by sewing two parts of fabric together. Then this fabric resembles a U Shape. When the goods are loaded in this U-Panel it gives rise to a shape of a square.

  • Circular

Circular FIBC bags are one of the lowest categories for these types of bags. The production of this bag is undertaken on the loom resembling a tube and when the goods are loaded in these types of bags then the bags start losing their shape. When weight is put in the Circular type of FIBC bag then it starts bulging out in the middle. As the product is under the pressure the fabric starts stretching.

  • Baffle

When we speak about the best FIBC bag then the Baffle bag is considered as one of the best bags. When something is loaded in the Baffle bags it takes the shape of the cube properly. To maintain the shape the baffle bags are stitched into every corner which makes baffle bags more useful.

  • Four-Panel

Most of the FIBC bags manufacturers produce the Four-Panel FIBC bags by keeping a few things in mind like this bag created with four articles of fabrics which makes all the sides of this bag along with the bottom. The stitching of Four-Panel bags is done together which also offers a higher resistance against the stretching of loading items. After loading the item in these bags the shape of the cube remains the same.

Know the Advantages of PP Jumbo Bags?

These days the usage of PP Jumbo Bags is increasing due to its various advantages. We have listed below some major advantages of PP Jumbo Bags.

  • Very Cost-Effective

By using the FIBC bags the labour costs can be reduced effectively. These bags are considered very low-cost effective bags in comparison to other bags. When we lift and position a single bag or dump or open and dispose of these paper bags we can easily identify the cost of these bags.

  • Improved Safety

When workers move materials in bulk like drums or bags then there is every chance of getting injured. But when they use the FIBC bulk bags then there will be a requirement for mechanical machinery like forklift and pallet jack to move them. So these bags reduce the manual movement of workers and that result enhances safety for them.

  • Economical

With the help of these bags, a large number of items are shipped very easily at the same cost due to their huge capacity. So the weight starts to decrease. The stacking and also positioning of such bags can be done efficiently when we compare them to smaller bags.

Know Some Characteristics of FIBC Bags?

There are some benefits of using PP Jumbo bags and all of them make these bags very useful for use. Let’s know some characteristics of these bags.

  • All of these bags are Eco-Friendly bags. Also, all of them are very useful and very easy to recycle for future usage.
  • FIBC Bags come with various types of filling options like Open Top, Filling Spout and Flap. The customer can choose the bags according to their needs.
  • These bags are the most suitable option to transport items related to food.
  • Every FIBC bag is equipped with a unique safe working load figure. As the details are mentioned on it as how much weight the bag can hold.
  • Various non-certified FIBC bags are used for the storage of Hazardous Materials and most Industrialists opt for these types of bags.

What Can We Store in FIBC Bags?

There are various things that we can store in FIBC bags.

  • Food Products
  • Chemicals
  • Seeds
  • Fertilisers
  • Construction Materials

Best PP Jumbo Bag Manufacturer

Mahira Polyglobal is one of the leading and best PP Jumbo Bag Manufacturer. We produce the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers of very good quality. Our FIBC bags can carry weight from 500 Kgs to 2000 Kgs. We make these types of bags from a good quality of polypropylene woven fabrics. Whenever you want to purchase FIBC bags then just contact us as we produce the best bags in comparison to other manufactures.

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