Goldendoodle Dog Breed Information: Facts, Traits

The Goldendoodle is a very famous dog. No wonder this crossbreed dog has been wildly popular since its recent inception. But does that mean he’s the right dog for you and your family? unnecessary! A cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, this puppy is popular with families of …

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How do you train a dog not to bite?

Dogs are cute and a great addition to the family. Aside from the positive aspects, it is well known that puppies bite, and their sharp, tiny teeth hurt! Many dog ​​owners wonder why my puppy bites me and how to train the dog not to bite. This is mostly within …

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Are Misting Machines Safe for Pets?

Misting Machines Safe for Pets

You know how it feels when the temperature is extremely hot. It can get pretty uncomfortable. All you want to do is stay indoors near the AC. Further, you take plenty of water to ensure proper hydration. Well, like humans, animals also feel the impact of extreme temperatures. To regulate …

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Dog Food Ingredients That Can Cause Health Problems and Are Strictly Avoid


An array of options is provided to the dog owners that claim as the best dog foods. But not all dog foods are good for their health. That’s why you should be very careful while choosing the food for your dog. Interestingly, you can get knowledge about choosing the right …

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The Vet’s Toolkit: Tools You’ll Need as a Veterinarian


As a veterinarian, you’ll need a variety of tools to help you care for your patients. In this article, we’ll discuss the essential tools that every vet should have in their toolkit. We’ll start with a basic list of items and then go into more detail about specific tools that …

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Tips for choosing Pet cremation urns

Cremation has become a popular choice for pet owners because it’s less expensive and less labor intensive than traditional burial. It also offers more flexibility in choosing a location for the cremation and memorial service, which is convenient for those living in urban areas or who have limited space available. …

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Want to Go Green with Your Pet? We Have Some Ideas for You!

Most of us are aware of how the world is changing fast – including the climatic conditions. Preserving our planet is one of our most important duty calls, just as it is for our pet partners. So, let’s join a hand to paw and work towards this common goal. Going …

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Yorkie Poo Dog Breed: Everything You Need To Know

A full-grown Yorkie poo is one of the minor types of dogs you will find in the world. Some Yorkie poo breeds are so tiny that they can even fit inside a teacup. Therefore, the smallest members of the Yorkie poodle mix are also known as teacup Yorkie poo dogs. …

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7 Things Your Maltipoo Should Learn from Dog Obedience Training

Pets without obedience training can be a pain in the neck. They jump on you and ruin your clothes, or get into your garbage and spread it everywhere, or bark all night and wake up your neighbors. It always feels good to have your dog obey you, and it’s safer. …

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Do You Know Rock Licking is Helpful in Improving Deer Health?

How Licking is Helpful in Improving Deer Health

Mineral licks, or rock licks, are essential for deer. They need minerals to maintain a balanced diet. In fact, deer are the only animals that consume salt, so they need the proper balance. Fortunately, mineral licks are easy to set up and deer are attracted to them in the spring …

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