There is no doubt that we are living in the age of the internet where everyone wants things to happen quickly. The modern-day customer wants everything to happen at a fast pace and most importantly, they want quick answers. Brands and companies have also understood the same and are quickly replacing human customer service representatives with chatbots. 

How Are Chatbots Helpful?

These chatbots are nothing but a miracle when it comes to technological advancement. Chatbot for business is equipped to answer any customer-related query in a short, concise, and crisp manner. This saves the customer and gives him/her a satisfactory resolution for their issues. 

Let us have a look at some of the key reasons why chatbots are necessary for businesses.

  • 24/7 Presence 

Unlike us humans, chatbots are computer software that neither require rest nor do they take a vacation. They have no issues in engaging with customers 24/7. This is really important because a customer-related issue can arise at any point in time and a competent brand is expected to be present to listen to it. Chatbots enable the company to be present at all times without compromising on the quality of service provided. 

  • Customizabl

Another very cool aspect about chatbots is that they can be scaled up and down depending upon the traffic. So suppose if there is high demand then they are well equipped to meet the excess traffic. The cost, however, is not affected during this. You will still pay the same fixed amount. 

  • Efficient and no errors

The fact that chatbot don’t get exhausted even after a long time enables them to have their memory intact. They can collect and store a huge chunk of information without malfunctioning or having a breakdown. Chatbots also have the power to increase the speed at which information is transmitted to the customer, saving time for the customer and enhancing the overall experience. 

  • Managing the staff easily

Constant interaction with the customers can have a bad impact on your workforce.  This is another place where one can make use of chatbots to reduce your company’s dependence upon the workforce and shift it to chatbots. Chatbots are well equipped to answer the common questions asked by the customers and can play a very valiant role in allowing your staff to rest. Also, as chatbots can replace humans, you can actually use your workforce to do something which has more of a higher value. 

What are some Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing hacks?

  • Live operator takeover: Take over the conversation at any time!
  • Facebook ads: 3-5x higher conversion rates on your Facebook ads
  • Contact manager: Collect extensive data on all contacts, including name, location and more.
  • Website plugins: Add features like an opt-in checkbox on forms and website popups.
  • Chat blasting: Like email blasting but through chat, so email marketing on steroids!
  • Contact hack: Get user information for all bot users.
  • Q&A: Automatically answer common business questions.

    Who will manage customer interactions by 2020?

    It is predicted that customer interactions by 2020 will be managed without the help of humans. Artificial Intelligence will most likely be used in the coming years.

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