Cherish this Eye-Catching Cake on the Festive Season of Christmas

Christmas is just on its way to the celebration. Everyone everywhere is at the last minute preparation. Christmas has been celebrated as Jesus Christ’s birthday. It is a worldwide phenomenon. People irrespective of all religions celebrate the occasion. One of the most significant parts of this occasion is the signature props. For decoration, there is Christmas tree. For the kids, it is the gift provider Santa Claus. And for everyone’s delicacy, it is the cake. There are varieties of cake available in this festive season. Here is a list of the best eye catching cakes for this festive season. All the varieties of cakes mentioned below are best available in Italy. It is the motherland of all delicious desserts.

1) Red Velvet Cake

 Red velvet is the most popular gifts for every season. It has different significance added to it. First, it is ‘red’. Then it has the taste of a strawberry. Both the red and strawberry represents love. And what adds even more charm to this cake is the shape of the heart. On the occasion of Christmas, the red and white are the combination colors. The red velvet cake is already red. One can choose to add some white frothing vanilla cream as spread on top of it. Christmas is just incomplete without the combination of cake and celebration. If you want to bake it at home, it is brilliant. Or one can also choose to order the cake from any online cake shop from Italy. You can also bake this cake in any shape as your wish. A Santa Claus will make the best shape of this cake on this occasion.

2) Chocolate Cake 

Chocolate is one of those delicacies that everyone loves. In fact, chocolate is a guilty pleasure for everyone irrespective of age. The best part of chocolates is its varieties of taste and flavor. A chocolate cake can be of different taste. A plain simple chocolate cake has been the most popular form of Christmas cake. Besides, there can be certain seasonings as well. There can be chocolate-almond cake. There can be chocolate truffle cake, choco lava cake and more. It is one of the best cakes to keep your celebration simple and down to earth. This is the best cake to try your DIY ideas on this occasion.  

3) White Forest Cake

White is another prominent color of Christmas. This cake comes in a complement of black forest cake. White forest cake has an overload of vanilla. The cake has normal or flavored dough. And on it, there is huge frosting spread of whipped vanilla crème. To make it look even special, one can also add some colorful sprinkles on it. Sometimes, adding some fruit slices also look well. With cherry and this cake, one can also make a beautiful Santa Claus for Christmas. One can find amazing white forest cake in Italy.

4) Cheese Cake

Who does not love the cheese cake for a while! Anytime, the cheese cake is a feast for its lovers. On the occasion of Christmas, there is a huge demand for this cheese cake. It is simple, smooth. This is very fluffy and can be a good pair with hot or cold chocolates. It would be one of the most perfect Christmas cake ideas for your grandparents. It is very healthy and tasty. One can also choose to bake this cake at home. Cheese cake is also a very popular cake choice of Christmas gift for the platonic lovers.

5) Black Forest Cake 

Black forest is the most special taste and it is the most trending one. This is also a very popular flavor of ice cream as well. Here, the dough or full body of the cake is of chocolate flavor mainly. But it can be of any other flavor as well. But there is excessive amount of berries added to it. Berries include black berry and rasp berry mostly. There is berry sauce and berry flavored whipped crème in the cake along with chopped nuts and dried berries. If you have a beloved who has a birthday during Christmas, this cake would be amazing. You can buy Christmas birthday cake online from any of the cake shops of Italy. Such a loaded cake will serve both the purpose of Christmas and birthday as well.

6) Mixed Fruit Cake 

Cakes are delicacies that have different tastes. Some of the flavors of cakes are very common and popular. One such cake flavor is fruit cakes. Fruit cakes have varieties of types. There are dry fruit cakes. Also, there are single fruit flavor essence cakes. But, the recent sensations are the cut slice fruit cakes. Here, the normal cake is of different flavor. On it, there is frost frothing crèmes. And on top of it, there are varieties of fruit slices. Such a cake is treats for eyes as well as for the taste buds as well. To receive this cake as a Christmas gift, you beloved’s eyes will brim in joy. It is also a useful cake gift for the fitness freak people and elderly people.

7) Pan Cake 

The popular character of Peter Pan would have been overwhelmed to see a cake on his name! Yes, pan cake is a very common cake that everyone knows and loves. It is the stack of slice cakes that everyone loves. It is common as it is a popular American breakfast as well. But on Christmas, you can decorate and give this simple cake a makeover. Italy is the origin place of this cake. In Italian bakeries, there are varieties of flavors of pan cake available. The most popular one is the banana pan cake. It tastes amazing with dripping honey on them.

Cakes and Christmas are just inseparable. And winter adds some more charm to it. Above are the best varieties of Christmas cake to make the occasion even more special. All these cakes are delicious desserts as well.

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