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Cigarette Smoking And Impotence: How They Are Interlinked And How Smoking Causes ED

Cigarette after sex is a musical group. It is also a myth that people love very much. However, do you know that cigarette smoking can cause impotence and leave your sex life completely devastated? In between all these years, you have heard thousands of stories about cigarette smoking and how it is injurious to health. You may have read hundreds of articles telling you how smoking can affect your impotence. Then why are we here today discussing the same old topic? That is because the time has come when we need to understand this topic properly.

Erectile dysfunction is a disease when men cannot hold their erection. They experience early or delayed ejaculation, and that affects their sex life, damages relationships, and also leaves them embarrassed with their problem. Nowadays, this has become a headache for most of the people. The main reason for this is, there are many side effects of the common medicines to cure the disease. These medications include CenforcePlus, the other ways to cure this disease, like yoga, cannot be performed by many due to their hectic lifestyle. Hence, we thought we need to spread the word more to increase awareness.

Let us start with smoking and your blood vessels.

We know there are many side effects of smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking can cause cancer. Also, you may not know this, but cigarette smoking can damage every part of your body. The chemicals inside cigarettes can damage your blood vessels and can affect the worst way possible. It injures the linings of your blood vessels and thus damages the way they function. The chemicals can damage your heart, kidneys, brain, and other tissues as well. You know, erectile dysfunction is based on the blood circulation to your penis at the time of erection. Hence, if smoking can damage your blood vessels, it must have some connection with ED as well.

An erection happens when the arteries in a penis expand, and it fills with blood. This happens after our nerves in the penis send signals to the vessels. The nerves that send these signals respond to the sexual arousal signals coming from your brain. If your blood vessels are not functioning perfectly, an erection may not be possible even if the nervous system is working fine.

What does different research show?

As we have a brief idea about how smoking is responsible for erectile dysfunction now, here are some researches to clarify the points we have discussed. We will see how much of the things we have said are real.

As per our information, ED or erectile dysfunction is a very common part of your life as you get older. However, this disease can hamper your life at any adult stage of life. A study of 2005 published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has shown us that there are more possibilities of erectile dysfunction happening in the males who smoked, rather than those who never did. So ex-smokers, in that case, are also at the risk of getting affected by ED as well. In most cases of cigarette smoking of young male, their smoking habits are most likely to be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Reports also suggest that if you are a chain smoker, you have higher chances of getting affected by the disease. However, if you are slowly trying to quit or have already quitted smoking habits, you have lowered the risk too. There are a few factors that say the final words here. Your age, the severity of the disease when you left smoking habits and some other major health-related aspects will decide if your ED symptoms will get reduced and your healthy erectile functions will be back or not.

Getting help

Most of the men with erectile dysfunction feel embarrassed to share their problems with their closed ones. Some hesitate to tell the problem to their doctors as well. However, they don’t realize the faster you act according to your condition, the better your chances will become to get cured completely of the disease. If you do not have any primary care doctors, you should make an appointment with a urologist as soon as possible. ED is one of the very common health problems. Treat it that way. You do not need to panic or feel embarrassed about it. There are ways to treat your erectile dysfunction completely. However, the first thing you should try is to quit smoking.

Vital steps to quit smoking

We know some people have tried quitting smoking and failed. Thus, you may think that it is a very bad thing to do. However, trust us, it is not that hard. Here are some steps you can follow if you want to quit smoking. These are the steps recommended by the National Heart, Lungs, and Blood Institute. You can use medications like Vidalista to treat ED.

  • First, try to make a list of reasons why you should, and you want to quit smoking. Also, write the reasons why you have been unsuccessful in your earlier attempts. This list is going to motivate you for sure.
  • Some people have smoking triggers. Alcohol consumption or having coffee or caffeinated drinks is a smoking trigger for many people. Check out these things and try to avoid them as well on your way to quit smoking.
  • Remember, it is always okay to admit you need assistance in overcoming a powerful addiction such as smoking. Don’t forget your friends and family are always there and will always be there for you.
  • Talk with your doctor about it. Or you can also opt for some over the counter medications for this reason. If you feel some medicines can help you big time to quit your smoking habits, go and follow the instructions of those medications. There are many medicines and chewing gums to help people get over their smoking habits.
  • Find some alternatives to smoking that can distract you from cigarette smoking. Exercises or hobbies that occupy both your hand and your mind are a great way to quit smoking.

So, these are everything we had to tell you about cigarette smoking and how it can induce impotence or diseases like erectile dysfunction. Try them to get a healthy ED free life.

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