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What are you looking for? A way to clean your air conditioner’s chemical filter, or a new air conditioning unit entirely? It might come as a surprise, but the answer might be both! Aircon chemical cleaning filter is an important step in maintaining it. If you neglect this task, then your AC won’t work as well as it could and may even break down sooner than expected. In order to find out how often you should do this chore, please read on below!

Cleaning Your Air Filter

The filter of your AC is being used to clean the air that passes through into your home. It does this by trapping dust, pollen and other allergens in small pockets so they can’t get blown around inside. When people think of cleaning their filters, they usually take it to mean washing or vacuuming out the collected dust and debris. This is a good way to keep your filter functioning at its best, but it’s not the only thing you should do!

The chemicals used in air conditioning units to help clean the air also end up coating the filter. Over time, these chemicals will build up and reduce the effectiveness of your filter. It’s important to clean your filter with a chemical cleaner every so often to remove this buildup and ensure that your AC is doing its job properly.

How Often Should You Clean?

How often you need to clean your aircon’s chemical filter depends on how often you use your AC. If you run it all day every day, then you’ll need to clean it more often than someone who only uses it for a small part of the day. Your AC should come with information about how often and when to clean your filter, so check what it says before you start.

Typically, people should aim to clean their AC filters every 1-3 months. The more dirt and dust that builds up on it, the harder it will be to wash off all at once. If you find yourself unable to get your filter as clean as you’d like after one cleaning session then plan on doing it again in another month or two.

After you do this initial cleaning, try setting a schedule for yourself that allows you to remember when and how often to do the task again!

Cleaning Your Aircon Unit

If getting rid of chemical buildup is what you’re looking for, then there are other ways to do it besides cleaning the filter! The chemicals used in your AC unit can work themselves into any part of the system. If you have a heat pump model, then they’ll be present in the outdoor section as well, so you’ll need to clean both areas.

When doing this chore, simply follow all of the steps above but use just water instead of chemical cleaner. Spray off the interior parts using high pressure soapy water if possible or just wipe them down with a damp cloth either way. This will allow you to remove any chemical buildup that’s built up over time and ready your AC for another season of comfort!

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