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Common workplace injuries and how to avoid them

Accidents and injuries and inevitable even at our workplaces. And as a company, the last thing you want to handle is employee injuries, as some can be extremely costly. Reports suggest that severe and non-fatal workplace injuries account for about $60 billion in the US. That’s a lot.

The bad news is, some injuries can reduce your employee morale, cause loss of work, stress, and hardship such as pain and suffering. Also, they may lead to increased and unnecessary costs like increased compensation and insurance covers or premiums. The good news is, you can always avoid or prevent the occurrence of most workplace injuries.

Here are the common types of workplace injuries and how you can prevent them:


Overexertion and body reactions are the most common work-related injuries caused by single or repetitive lifting, pushing and pulling, holding, carrying, or throwing objects. Such activities may cause pain and discomfort.

In some situations, they may grow into serious complications like overstretching, tearing of muscles, ligaments, or tendons, conditions that may need surgery, among other complications.

So how can you prevent injuries related to overexertion?

  • Provide your employees with ergonomic lifting machines and equipment
  • Offer training on proper lifting techniques and safety
  • Employee adequate employees to help reduce single and repetitive tasks
  • Encourage your employees to take regular breaks

Slips falls and trips

Falls, slips, and trips are very common, especially where wet floors are, uneven surfaces, and tripping hazards like wires on the walkways. Employees can also fall when working at height or get struck by falling equipment or object. Such injuries may cause broken bones, severe brain injuries, and sometimes death may occur.

So to prevent slips falls, and trips related injuries, ensure that:

  • Spills and immediately cleaned discovery
  • Have a “wet floor” sign after pills or mopping
  • Encourage your employees to use nonstick soles
  • Use fall protected gears

Contact with heavy machines or equipment

Any equipment, sharp or blunt, small or big, can cause injuries. However, contact injuries are prevalent, and they can cause:

  • Crushed arms and legs or any other part
  • Excessive bleeding which may expose you to HIV and other blood infections

To prevent or avoid machine injury-related you should:

  • Provide adequate machine and equipment training
  • Provide protective gears
  • Ensure regular machine maintenance and safety check
  • Protect and safeguard all your equipment

Fire and explosions

Fires and explosions are common causes of injuries, especially open flames, faulty gases and power lines, or improper storage of combustible materials. Also, there could be chemicals spillage and explosions. All these might cause severe injuries like burning, respiratory effects, and high death causalities.

So how can you prevent fire and explosions at work?

  • Store or ensure responsible use of chemicals-
  • Check and maintain the fire alarm systems to prevent fire
  • Developed an effective escape plan to help reduce further injuries
  • Keep electrical machinery and items in good conditions to prevent overheating and short circuits

Transportation-related accidents

These are injuries and accidents caused by any transportation means, from motorcycles and vehicles to being crushed by a running track. Such accidents may cause a lot of blood, broken body parts, and death.

To prevent transportation-related accidents:

  • Ensure you hire qualified drivers
  • Develop safe driving programs like no phone, alcohol, or drug use while driving


It can be hard to anticipate when accidents will happen. However, you can always be prepared to prevent some of their occurrences. All you need to do is to have the best workplace safety measures in place.

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