Data Collection Outsourcing

Data Collection Outsourcing-The key to unlocking the Digital World

With the highly advanced digitization, the chances of information breaches have increased manifold. Hence, data collection outsourcing is the most reliable method to gather information. In this regard, let’s see how audio annotation and data collection outsourcing play their role.

Audio Annotation

Audio annotation deals with the transcription of an audio file or an original text file. The annotation of sound has the capability of recognizing human emotions. Hence, it has become crucial in assisting the development of Virtual Assistants, chatbots and security systems and other NLP technology.

In the graph below, the third most common form of AI used by enterprises is NLP.

In 2020, the NLP market generated revenue of over $12 billion. In the coming years, this projection will reach approximately $43 billion.

Additionally, customers are more interested in digitization due to its efficient response system. In this regard, chatbots have assumed a central role in customer service. The proper audio annotation will ensure the smooth functioning of these chatbots.

The following figure testifies the notion that the tilt of customers is more in favour of digitization.

favour of digitization.

In the purview of these observations, one can say that audio labeling now has become an integral part of the digital world.

If you are interested, here is a list of different audio annotation services.

Data Collection

When thinking about data collection, you may have the following questions in your mind:

  • How to prepare and collect data?
  • How to extract data?

When finding the answer about the preparation and collection of data, it can be sub-divided into the following categories.

  • Where to find the data?

It is the database of your application/ third-party service provider, where the data is stored.

  • How much data is needed?

Collect as much data as possible to make feature selection more manageable. But the downside is that big data may take more time to analyze.

  • What kind of data is to be collected?

Structured Data 

It is a well-defined type of data stored in search-friendly databases. It requires less storage and includes strings, numbers, dates, etc.

Unstructured Data

It comes with a paradox. It is everything you can collect. At the same time, it is not search-friendly. Examples include text files, emails, media files (videos, music, photos)

According to Gartner, 80% of the data of enterprises will be unstructured.

Extracting features from the data?

The three general methods used for this purpose are

  • Filter.
  • Wrapper.
  • Embedment.

Save yourself from the hassle of extracting the right features from your data. From data collection to extraction, go through the various options and have a stress-free approach.


The Digital revolution has made data altogether a means in itself. Access to good data ensures that your business does not land in trouble. It also guarantees that your information remains secure. Hence, by data collection outsourcing you can have value-added consultation that would provide a client-centric assessment of your services. Realize your dream of flourishing your business by the end-to-end customized services by outsourcing the data collection.

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