Design Studio vs. Freelancer for Your Creative Space in Sydney

Sydney, the most populated and diverse city in New South Wales, offers a delightful blend of modernity and creativity. Despite being one of Australia’s earliest European settlements, it oozes contemporary vibes. It is evident in its innovative city buildings and aesthetically-pleasing residential suburbs. This unique atmosphere could be attributed to the local interior designers and architects who embody an edgy and modern sense of style.

If you are not planning a do-it-yourself renovation, you may hire either a freelancer or a design studio in Sydney. You can choose to work with an individual or have a team of designers collaborating with you to have your dream space. This article will give you the basic insight of which one to choose for the project that you have in mind.

Freelancer vs. Design Studio

A freelance designer is a one-person army. The best perk of working with a freelancer is that his price range is usually lower. If you are on a budget, then getting a freelancer is the way to go. Another perk is that you will only be working with one individual, thus lessening the miscommunication issue during the project. However, this can also serve as a huge downside. Because you will only have one person for your creative design, the design ideas that you might get are limited.

On the other hand, working with a design studio will give you the benefit of having many minds at work in your project. People who are part of a design studio are adept at working collaboratively with others. Do not be surprised if they engage you in the design process of collecting data, ideating, prototyping, and creating the desired output for your space. It is intuitive for them to ensure that the final output is something that you truly want and need, so they would often engage their clients in a collaborative process.

A design studio in Sydney will offer a range of services so that you do not have to look for different service providers for your space renovation. Many design studios in Sydney have an in-house manufacturing facility where you can have your furniture customized. Aside from customization, working with a design studio with a manufacturing facility will allow your furniture to be done on a shorter time frame, thus hastening your project’s completion.

How to find the best fit

When it comes to choosing a designer, regardless if you are choosing a freelancer or a design studio partner, you should let their work speak for themselves. During your meeting, ask your potential designer to bring her/his portfolio to have a sense of what s/he is capable of. Doing so will also give you a sense of her/his creative style, and if s/he can adapt to the vision you have for the design of your creative space.

If you are meeting with a team from a design studio, look at the chemistry between them. Check if they are good at communicating with each other and how they handle conflicting ideas. If they can work together and can instantly understand your ideas, you have found your perfect team.


When hiring a freelancer for your interior design in Sydney, the rate does not usually go lower than AUD50/hour. You will most likely be charged with a higher professional fee when you are partnering with a design studio, but you can offset this amount when outsourcing your furniture from their shop. Designers often do not cost cheap, but you can be assured that they are more money-saving in the long run since you will be paying for their quality work.

In sum, to ensure that you will have your dream space, it is best to work with professional designers. Getting a freelancer will save you a couple of bucks. However, collaborating with a design studio will open you to a world of creative ideas and provide you with a direct resource for customizing your furniture and other interior design needs.

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