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Difference Between Architectural Drafter and Motion Graphics Designer

The visual representation of potential projects provides a medium to communicate and evaluate the details. Nowadays with standard advancing technologies and the latest software eases the task of visual expression.

Architectural drafter and motion graphic designers use computer-aided programs to display precise visuals of the project. Although both professions use similar plans and shared strategies, there are many differences in both domains. It is necessary to understand the main difference between an architectural drafter and a motion graphics designer before assigning the task.

Motion Graphics Designers

Motion graphic designers uses the latest technology and computer programs to create a visual representation with dynamic features. The graphic designs are self-contained animations and text to convey emotions or information. For instance, motion graphics designer creates moving visuals of video games, television ads and shows, movies and many other digital motion graphics.

The motion graphic designer uses typography strategies in visual animations to embed emotions and appealing motion graphics. The font, size, and styles directly impact the audience’s perception and help achieve the specific goals.

Architectural Drafter overview

Architectural drafter also uses computer-aided-design software to create a precise plan of the project. The architectural drafter inspects and evaluates the details and represents accurate and detailed sketches or visuals.

The architectural drafter act as a translator between constructor and client or architect. The project’s architectural drafting envelops the construction company guidelines, visual display of the projects, precise estimation of the raw material, and labor cost—various computer-aided software help create modern and HD visuals.

Difference Among Architectural Drafter and Motion Graphics Designer

Although both professions share many similarities and standard features yet, there are few differences between both domains.

  • The architectural drafter uses the technology and creative skills to illustrate the buildings and structure formats; however, the Motion graphic designer uses multiple software to create artwork in logos, illustrations, and other digital animations.
  • Usually, the motion graphic designs elaborate the motion graphics for advertisement purposes, and the architectural drafting focuses on the framework of the project.
  • The architectural drafter works in an office and needs to visit the construction sites to evaluate the client’s demands and ground realities. On the contrary, the graphic motion designer works in studios and on an individual basis to create an appealing design.
  • The architectural drafters use BIM programs and other software to outline the structure. In contrast, the graphic motion designer uses fonts, text, images, and other elements to produce a perfect animation.
  • The architectural drafter evaluates the budget of the client and requirements within estimated resources. However, the motion graphic designer uses photo-editing software to enhance the images given by clients.

Motion graphic designing for architectural drafting:

Nowadays, with increasing competition in the field of architectural drafting, motion graphics plays a crucial role. Therefore, using motion graphic designing techniques to display the architectural drafting ease the communication between constructor and architect. The optimal procedure outlines and construction framework is an ultimate demand of perfect construction. Most of the construction companies work everywhere, so those companies need a company accountant  to manage all their financial resources and maintain the companies to develop their business.

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