Different Types of Floorings and Methods Used to Clean Them

The Interior of a house or any building is like a landscape that has many different aesthetic and essential dimensions to it. It all depends on the taste and budget of the owner of the place. The varieties that are available with respect to the type of furniture, color, type of flooring makes it easy for a customer to choose. Flooring is the most important part of any interior space. Each type of flooring has a special method to clean it. The best cleaning agency should follow the best practices to clean every kind of floor. The major types of flooring that are used are carpet, tile, wood and concrete.


Carpets are one of the widely used flooring types, ranging from the finest of fibers like silk to more humble olefin or nylon. With the availability of a variety of products in the market, carpet cleaning has become easier and quicker. Carpets can be cleaned by simple vacuuming or washing with various carpet cleaning products like carpet pre-sprays, carpet shampoos, carpet spot cleaners, etc. Carpets can also be dry cleaned or steam cleaned, depending on the fiber. In the steam cleaning method, the steam loosens the dirt and grime from the carpet without damaging the quality of the fibre. Professional tile cleaning by Dan Dan the Carpet Man can help to restore your dull tiles  and bring them back to life.


Tile flooring is ideal for places like the kitchen and the bathroom because of usage of water. Tiles are usually made of ceramic. The grout is applied to the margins of tiles. Most of the dirt and stains accumulate in this area. Corners of tiled floors are also a problem area. A floor tile cleaner should be strong enough should be strong enough to uproot all major stains from the floor of a bathroom or kitchen. Tile floors are way easier to clean than carpets. Tiles are of ceramic, quarry or porcelain type. They have pores in them which accumulate dirt over time. Professional cleaners should use cleaning chemicals that use a penetrating cleaning agent in them.


Concrete flooring is an environmentally friendly type of flooring that provides a great alternative to carpet and tile flooring. It is extremely durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Making alterations to concrete flooring is quite affordable.

Concrete floors are easy to clean although repairing them is quite a hassle. A basic regular process of cleaning that is sweeping and damp mopping cleanses the floor completely. Chemicals that are pH neutral are more preferable to use for occasional intense cleaning.


Wood flooring is one of the most gorgeous floorings available. It can be of both softwood and hardwood type. Polishing done by the floor polisher is not just enough, but a regular cleaning routine is, to make the floors look stain-free and gleaming. Water is the worst enemy of wood floors. A damp mop should be used instead of a dripping one. A floor cleaning product that is not alkaline in nature should be used for cleaning a wooden floor. Tools that would not damage the finish of the wood flooring should be used for cleaning. Wooden floorings have the distinction of looking new after a long time because they can be cleaned easily.

The capability to be able to clean all kinds of floorings gives any cleaning agency edge over others. Buying quality, appropriate products and hiring experienced cleaners is the key to such a service. A cleaning company must understand customer needs so that they will be able to deliver services according to customers.

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