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Download GTA vice city mod hack apk with cheats for android

An action and adventure style game is GTA Vice City mod apk. that is played from the third-person view. Download Grand thef auto vc and install it. The player controls the main character named Tommy Versti and completes the missions. Each mission entrusted to you has specific goals. Are, that by completing them you will advance the story.

Some missions are very difficult and need guidance here.

You can perform several missions at the same time.

When you do not have a mission, due to the design of the open world, freely roam and have fun wherever you want.

GTA VC apk is designed so that you can complete any mission you want.

In this game, like GTA SA, the map does not open completely. You can not see beyond the map. As the game progresses, more items and places will open and the map will be completely clear.

You can go to different places if you want, but you have to endure the 6-star torment of the police and endure the chase.

The stars indicate the amount of your offense and crime in the city. If you go beyond your limits and go to unopened areas, the police will chase you through its helicopters and cars.

To move in the Gta vice city apk mod, the gamer has the ability to jump, run, swim and drive with different vehicles such as helicopters, various types of vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles.

The player can act hand-to-hand with weapons and explosives to fight enemies.

The weapons of the game are Colt Python, M60 machine gun, mini-gun, etc.

The 3D environment of the game allows the user to enter the first person view when using a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle.

GTA vice city cheats allows players to use a wide range of weapons.

Buy from a gun shop or find on the ground as well as pick up people who were killed and can also look for guns in different parts of the city and find it.

When the user is injured, his health bar is gradually emptied and at this time he can regain his health with the help of health packages that are available in different areas of the game.

When the user loses his whole life; He loses ammunition and weapons and whatever he has gained and some of his money, and reappears in the hospital.

The game themes of costumes, types of people, game characters, cars, buildings, colors and nightclubs, radio songs all show up in the golden 80’s of America.


The story of the game is about a person named Tommy Worst.

A professional mercenary and assassin, he works for the Forlie Mafia family.

In 1971, Tommy receives a mission from the Forley family to be ordered to kill someone.

When Tommy arrives at the scene to kill the man, he encounters 11 people who wanted to harm him.

Tommy does not give up and defends himself against them, killing all 11 people in this conflict.

Meanwhile, the police intervene and arrest Tommy.

After the trial, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The story of the game begins when Tommy is released from prison and decides to take revenge on the perpetrators of his years in prison. By installing this game, you will understand what will happen to Tommy.


  • Gta vc lastest version is for 2021 and 2022 and that was released in October 2002 for the PlayStation 2.
  • Released in May 2003 for PC Windows.
  • Released in October 2003 for the Xbox.
  • In 2012, due to the protection of the tenth year of release of this game was released for mobile phones.
  • It is a unique game full of violence and dangerous driving.
  • It was the best-selling game in 2002 and has sold more than 17.5 million copies so far.
  • It was also discussed and protested due to widespread violence and racial groups.

Game graphics:

The game’s graphics are really unique compared to the year of production, 2002. Although there are some drawbacks and bugs at the moment, but if we are a little fair, we will find Gta hack apk has good and high graphics compared to the year of its production.

How to install:

Download and install the mod apk file. Then download the data obb file and after extracting it from the compressed mode, put the com.rockstargames.gtavc folder in the sdcard / Android / obb path.

Download last version Grand Theft Auto: Vice City apk full + MOD (Unlimited Money) + Data for android from revdl with direct link.

Music and sound:

The sound is well done and professionally done.

Undoubtedly, the best part of the licensed songs is intended for game radio, which evokes the nostalgic feeling of the 80’s for the user.

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