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Everything You Need To Know  About Plantation Shutters And Whether You Should Buy Them Or Not

You will see plant shutters in all the newly developed homes. Notice it when you watch the television, plant shutters have impressively taken over the interior designing industry. Currently, plantation shutters are the most famous type of interior shutters and rightfully so. If you are new to the world of shutters and are trying to decide whether plantation shutters are the ‘thing’ for you, you have come to the right post.

Here is everything you need to know about plantation shutters.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

What exactly do plantation shutters mean? They are a type of window covering or windrow treatment made up of multiple materials such as polymer, plastic and most commonly, wood. These frames are drilled onto the window sill and sometimes doors.

The shutter consists of thick slats or louvres that are flexible and can be tilted at any angle required. The slat angle controls the amount of light that comes into the room. Half-open and full-open slats let light in partially or block it completely.

Plantation Shutters are usually drilled and this is not an easy process. An untrained person is not able to install plantation shutters which is why it is especially important to hire a plantation shutter installation team to ensure that the job is done right. Remember, if your shutters are not installed rightly, your investment goes to waste. Hence, better safe than sorry.

Plantation Shutters Vs. Window Blinds;How Are They Different?

The most commonly asked question people have regarding window framing options is the difference between shutters and blinds.

Installation process.

The one major difference between both is that window blinds are installed inside or above the window recess while plantation shutters are installed directly into the frame of the window.


Shutters are also more expensive than blinds.

Blinds are comparatively less expensive as the installation process and the materials used are much less expensive than shutters. However, customer and user reviews all vouch for this; shutters are worth every penny you spend on them.


Plantation shutters are ideally heavier than blinds, which is a disadvantage in some cases. Some window sills are not strong or suitable enough to carry the weight of a plantation shutter.


In terms of versatility, blinds win. Blinds come in many colours, textures, designs, etc. Although shutters do not come in many designs, you can choose colours of your plantation shutter.

Are Plantation Shutters Worth It?

Plantation shutters are not that easy on the pocket and might have to question whether they are worth their cost. The answer is, yes they most certainly are. There are many benefits of plantation shutters that make them worth it such as;

  1.     Plantation shutters add to the house’s value.
  2.     Easy to maintain and clean.
  3.     They are very highly durable and you do not have to worry about them sagging over time.
  4.     Control the ventilation of the room easily.
  5.     Protects not just from sunlight, but also harsh weather conditions.
  6.     Plantation shutters are excellent insulators and you will be grateful for that in winters. 

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