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Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your Home Insurance Policy

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Home Insurance Renewal

Looking for the best home insurance can be taxing, but renewing your policy isn’t as complicated. If you intend to continue with the same policy, you almost have to do nothing. But if you need to modify your policy, there are a couple of steps you must take.

Toward the end of the policy term, insurance companies typically alert the policyholder by sending a renewal form. This is your chance to assess the policy and modify coverage. You need to check to see whether the rates, coverage, or deductibles are altered.

If your insurance company changes the rates for your subsequent policy term, they will notify you, and indicate whether it’s an increase or decrease as compared to current rates. Most of the time, when insurance rates change, they usually go up. The following are some of the reasons why your insurer might increase the rates.

1. Acquiring New Items

The items that you own can influence the rates that you pay. Generally, if your possessions are broad, your rates are going to be higher. And so, acquiring new items, and more so, high-risk items can drive up your insurance rates. Some of the items that can increase your rates include cars, art collections, and jewelry.

2. Renovations

Renovations are aimed at improving aesthetics and home value. Various additions like wall coverings and swimming pools make the property bigger. The use of expensive building materials during renovation means that future repairs will be up. And so, insurance companies may feel the need to increase your rates basing on renovations.

3. Poor Credit

One of the factors that an insurance company considers when calculating your rates is your credit score. If you have bad credit, you’re considered high risk. And so, if your credit score has taken a beating in recent times, your insurer might increase the rates for your next policy term. It’s beneficial to always maintain good credit.

4. Filing Numerous Claims

Homeowners usually avoid relying on their policy to cover small repairs or accidents. Their insurance is for handling the huge responsibilities. If you have a tendency of filing small claims routinely, your insurer might take notice and increase your rates.

5. High Rates of Robbery and Theft in Your Locale

If you live in an area where crime is huge, it means that you face a higher risk of getting invaded and losing belongings. Your insurer might discover that there’s a high rate of robberies and thefts around your area and increase your insurance rates.

6. High Vulnerability to Calamities

If you live in an area that experiences natural calamities at a high rate, it means that your home and possessions are at a greater risk. Your insurer might increase the rates basing on high vulnerability to natural disasters. Some of the common calamities include wildfires, floods, and storms.

Coverage Changes and Policy Updating

When preparing to renew your policy term, you should also check to see whether your insurer boosted your policy coverage, or made exclusions. Exclusions are common for liabilities related to hazards and disasters. At the renewal of a policy term, you might find your deductible is set higher, or get subjected to new requirements.

If you’ve revamped your home or acquired new items, your insurance company provides a form for you to update these items. This allows you to protect the entire range of your possessions.

You should ensure that you’re sufficiently covered. And so, instead of prioritizing cheap policies, you should focus on policies that adequately safeguard your home and belongings. To avoid being underinsured, always talk to an insurance agent to comprehend precisely how your policy can help you. Being underinsured can leave you in a vulnerable position where you are required to shoulder a big percentage of ensuing liabilities.


When your policy term expires, it’s not a must that your insurance company is prepared to renew your policy. They may notify you that they won’t be renewing your policy. These are some of the reasons that would make an insurance company decline renewing your policy:

  • Tons of liability claims
  • Your house has a ton of maintenance problems
  • Your credit has tanked
  • Policyholder filing numerous costly claims
  • Your home is located in risky areas
  • Owning pets that are deemed dangerous

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