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Extra weight? Healthy Tips to Make Your Body Perfect

Numerous factors affect your body weight. Some factors like genetic makeup, developmental determinants, and gender are natural, and you do not have control over them. Others like diet and physical activity are controllable. These factors can make it challenging to lose weight or maintain your body weight.  Active-PK is a revolutionary formula designed to help fight fatigue and abdominal fat so you can enjoy a stronger, slimmer-feeling body.

Factors Influencing Body Weight


The amount and quality of sleep you get can affect your weight. When you sleep more, your body has enough energy do to go through the day. However, with poor quality and insufficient sleep, your body will need more energy and use up excess amounts of food to get more energy.

The human body requires at least seven and a half hours of sleep to generate enough energy to keep you going.

According to research, when you get inadequate sleep, you are more likely to take in more calories and store fat. Another research showed that sleep deprivation could affect the brain’s ability to regulate appetite. Sleep deprivation can also affect your hormones and promote insulin resistance and weight gain. It is also associated with diabetes and obesity.

The amount of sleep you can affect the hormones that control your appetite. Less sleep can lead to an increase in appetite causing you to eat more than you need. The hormones leptin and ghrelin control hunger in your body.

When you are hungry, your body releases ghrelin to stimulate your appetite and promote the storage of fat. On the other hand, leptin does the opposite. It notifies your body you are not hungry and ends your appetite. It also promotes the burning of fat.

Sleeping less means your body will produce more ghrelin and less leptin hormone leading to more food intake. You may be forced to eat food high in sugar and carbohydrates since your body has low energy and has a high appetite. The more you are hungry, the less energy you have, and the less sleep you get, the more you get the body produces the appetite hormone.


Your habits and lifestyle can affect your health and weight. If you have a habit of eating foods high in sugar, fat, salt, and a lot of junk food, you are likely to gain weight. Other habits like watching a lot of TV and lack of physical activity can also contribute to weight gain.

Eating is a social activity, and most people acquire their eating habits from their families. Your family tradition and eating patterns influence the quality and quantity of food that you take.

If you live in an area with the plenty supply of food and a food storage system, you are more likely to eat more. Similarly, living in an area with a ready supply of junk food can lead to high fat intake and weight gain. When you have better access to quality food with lower food, you are more likely to maintain a healthy body.

Stress Management

Stress can affect your body weight, and it’s crucial that you manage your stress levels effectively. When you are highly stressed out, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which lowers your sensitivity to insulin. This can cause the excess fat in your body to be stored around your midsection.

Your cravings towards food are not only psychological since your blood sugar level drops, increasing your appetite. Your body insulin levels increase due to the decreased sensitivity, especially when you get anxious.

Some studies are looking into the relationship between weight and your molecular structure. When your body is fighting inflammation, it produces natural steroid cells called glucocorticoids. These cells can increase or decrease through the course of your day.

High-stress levels increase glucocorticoid production all day and night, causing the fat cells to be converted at a higher rate than usual.

Tips for Improving Your Body Shape

Physical Activity

Physical activity is crucial regardless of your research condition and current weight. It helps to get rid of excess calories and improves the condition of your heart and circulatory system. Engaging in physical activities will also enhance your muscle mass and help get your body in shape. According to research, exercising can improve your sleep and lower your stress level.

Physical exercise can be intense, like jogging, running, weightlifting, or moderate, like walking or yoga. Ensure you exercise daily to achieve visible results. You can alternate between moderate and intense workout sessions to ensure you target all muscle groups in your body.

Some types of exercises can improve your testosterone levels and human growth hormone HGH. Testosterone is a male hormone, but it is also found in females but in lower amounts. In males, it is produced in the testicles, and it usually controls the changes to your body, especially during adolescence.

Physical exercise can increase testosterone levels in the body and help to build more muscle. High-intensity training, weightlifting, and resistance training can help to increase testosterone levels.

Depo-Testosterone injections are usually safe and help to increase testosterone levels. The injections can help you increase your muscle mass and strength.

They also help to improve your mood and enhance your cognitive function. On the other hand, HGH hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and helps in body metabolism, growth, cell repair, and body composition. It can also help you recover from an injury and enhance your strength and exercise performance.

If you have low levels of HGH, you can easily gain fat and decrease the quality of your life. Your lifestyle choices and diet can impact the level of HGH in your body. Exercising, getting quality sleep, and reducing sugar intake can increase your HGH levels. You can also take HGH supplements to boost your levels.


Eating healthy foods and in the right proportion can help to improve your body shape. Foods with high fat and sugar levels can increase your calories levels. Vegetables and fruits can help you get in shape by keeping you full and improving your digestive system. White meat and seafood are full of healthy nutrients and proteins to nourish your muscles.

Your eating patterns and portions also affect your body weight by impacting your metabolism. Planning your meals will improve your metabolism and producing more energy. For example, you can plan to eat six meals of small proportions rather than three large meals throughout the day.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and productive habits goes a long way in maintaining a good body shape. Some of the activities you can try include:
• Walking daily
• Jogging
• Yoga
• Getting 7-8 hours of sleep
• Avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol consumption
• Eating fruits and vegetables

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