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Fun Roof Ideas to Add Curb Appeal and Character

Though flat, a-frame, and bonnet roofs are historically the most popular, there are a variety of newly innovative roof ideas that can instantly spruce up the exterior of your home. Although the roof is usually not the first aspect someone notices about a house, it can add unrivaled character and appeal.

From tech-savvy options to more traditional, yet updated, iterations there is a multitude of roofs for every homeowner. When roofing your house, it is important to keep in mind a multitude of factors—most importantly location, aesthetic, and material.

These categories will ultimately help in finding the most appealing roof for your home. Follow along below for a look into some of the most popular roofing projects to add curb appeal to your home.

Ranch-Style Houses

For ranch-style houses, homeowners should consider a gable roof design. This type of roof is defined by a pitched triangular roof with two sloping sides. Many ranch-style houses sport a gable roof since it makes the roof appear slimmer and less noticeable.

Ranch houses often incorporate a brick siding with complimenting window shutters. No matter what material you choose for your gable roof, it is important that it blends with the color of the siding to ensure maximum curb appeal.

If your home is a lighter color such as tan or light brown, homeowners typically opt for contrasting yet complimenting shutters that add a sense of juxtaposition to the home.

Colonial Roof Design

The gambrel roof—with steeply sloped roof sides—are major components of colonial houses. Adding a picturesque and calming effect, these types of roofs are perfect for those in suburban areas surrounded by nature. Often poking out of the roofs are rectangular windows, adding a subtly playful and intriguing element to the house’s exterior.

Most homeowners opt for wood or gravel shingles when building roofing colonial homes. These options can add a needed sense of texture to the home. As these shingles are almost always dark colors, this style works best for homes with darker exteriors—grey, brown, beige.

The main colonial roofing materials are wood, asphalt, and slate. Wood shingles are by far the most decorative and vintage but require more upkeep and maintenance than the other options.

Slate and asphalt are more common and may not add much curb appeal. However, they do come in a variety of shapes and colors which is often enticing for many homeowners looking to balance individuality with practicality.

Try Out the Flat Roof

The flat roof has been a mainstay of modern homes looking to add a sleek and refined edge to the finishings of their home. Also perfect for rain and snow—water is able to quickly roll off the roof—the flat style is a popular choice for those living in colder climates—just be sure to pick a material durable enough to withstand rain and snowfall.

Featuring double-sloped sides that ultimately form a flat area towards the middle, the mansard roof is stealthy making a comeback. Once popular in 19th Century Europe, the style can add a refreshing and summery feel to your home.

The most common material used for flat roofs is PVC. Able to last over 15 years, PVC roofing is available in a variety of widths and colors, making it an interesting option for homeowners who want a more minimal roofing look.

Flat roofs are also perfect for entertaining—homeowners with flat roofs can add seating, grills, and furniture to the tops of roofs—making it the perfect summertime hangout.

Materials are Key

No matter the style that a homeowner chooses, the material choice can make or break the roof’s curb appeal. Homeowners typically choose materials based on two factors: location and roof style.

First, location is a major factor in deciding not only the aesthetics of your roof but also the tangible material you decide to use. Often used in Mediterranean-style homes, tile roofing is a popular choice in the Southwest. Able to deflect and absorb sun rays, this material is perfect for hot climates with minimal rainfall. On the other hand, those in the Northeast often opt for wood or slate roofs to combat the chaotic weather.

Historically, the most popular roofing material is asphalt shingles. These shingles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues, and are one of the least expensive roofing options. Whether you want to blend your roof into the rest of your house or make a stylistic statement, there are asphalt shingles waiting for you.

Another material that is becoming increasingly popular within the roofing industry is metal. Made from aluminum, steel, or copper, metal roofs are long-lasting, fire-resistant, and can add a sleek finish to a modern home. Despite the material’s many advantages, metal roofs can be noisy during rainfall, something sensitive homeowners should consider.

Metal roofs are also extremely sustainable and should be a top consideration for those building eco-friendly homes. Usually made of recycled materials, the material is becoming a go-to in warmer climates.

In addition to location, there are also certain roof styles that are better suited to certain materials. As touched upon before, colonial homes are usually completed with wood or gravel shingles. To add a unique flair, homeowners can experiment with different washes and grains of wood.

For more Meditteranean homes, tile is the most popular option. Usually red or burnt orange, there are dozens of tile options—such as Cuban Barrel Tile and Stucco—that can add a sense of style and functionality.

Using Your Roof to Create a Stunning Look

Though roofs may seem mundane to everyday homeowners, they can add unmatched curb appeal to one’s home. Varying materials such as metal, wood, and slate offer a unique look while styles such as the colonial and mansard roof help to compliment a certain type of house.

A tile roof located in New York will most certainly be a disaster, no matter how amazing it looks. As such, when choosing or updating their roofs, homeowners should also keep in mind their location in order to optimize roof performance and style.

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