Living in South Carolina

Great Living in South Carolina

Located in Horry County, Conway, South Carolina, is part of the general Myrtle Beach metropolis. From quality school systems to friendly locals, this small town has it all. Here we look into all that Conway offers and why it’s such a great idea to live on a vacation central’s outskirts.

There is Something For Everyone

Located on the Waccamaw Riverbanks, Conway is composed of quaint neighborhoods, moss-covered oak trees, and historical landmarks. Take a stroll down the Conway Riverwalk, visit the recently remodeled Horry County Museum, or browse local shops and art galleries.

The Food is to Die For

From Rivertown Bistro to The Trestle Bakery & Café, you’ll find everything from fresh seafood and diner classics to gourmet desserts. Don’t forget to visit Watertown and the Rivertown Music & Beer Festival for even more food and beverage delights.

Living in Conway

You can’t beat the affordability ranking for cost of living in Conway SC. Resting at 88.2, Conway’s median home value is $160,200. It’s no wonder why the health is so admirable, with most residents living on average until 98 years of age. Conway is approximately 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach, making it the perfect resting distance between the vacation town’s hustle and bustle. Get your fill of family-friendly activities and emphasize outdoor living here at Conway.

Everything Artsy and Interesting

The local glass museum, Conway Glass, has crafted every shape you can think of into beautiful glowing light. The Live Oak Art and Music Festival combine the best of visual and auditory creativity.

The Best Nearby Attractions

If small-town eclecticism isn’t your thing, you’ll be glad to note that Conway is in tight corners with Myrtle Beach, North Beach, and Surfside Beach. Ride a horse on the sand, kayak on Waccamaw National Wildlife Reserve, or wade in the water like the sandpipers. It’s up to you!

Golf Games Galore

Visit the region’s World Tour Golf Links, a professional golfing range with 18 holes. Find gear and golf equipment here as well in their professional shop. Not satisfied? Take a short drive over to the 27-golf hole Arrowhead Country Club and enjoy the scenic beauty and bar and grill with amenities. If you’re looking to retire, you’ll find tons of 55 and up communities ready to welcome you and your golf game with open arms.

Curious Historic Buildings

Like old cars? Check out the Wheels of Yesteryear Museum and see if you can spot your grandpa’s old buggy and all the gems of the pre-Tesla age. If you start to get hungry, stop at Historic Peanut Warehouse, and learn about how peanuts have been manufactured in the Horry Country region for decades.

The Bottom Line

Conway is a small fish in a big pond. Reel in the perfect catch the next time you visit South Carolina. From festivals to family activities, Conway has it all at a comfortable distance from Myrtle Beach. Beat the crowds and experience the hidden gem of Conway, South Carolina.

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