For most prestigious nursing colleges, a student has to submit the relevant document and a very good personal statement. The notion behind a piece of personal information is to convince the admission authorities to consider your application. So it becomes important for a student to make sure that their statements are made so that it leaves no stone unturned from getting admission.

In most general terms, as you can think, the statement shall have some aspects of the personal characteristics which make you best among the prospective candidates. The statement shall also highlight your uniqueness, which will help the admissions department conclude your candidature.

Defining a Personal Statement

There can be no precise definition that can be given when the personal statement is in question. But it is understood as a brief passage that gives an insight to the admission panel about objectives you have in mind or might fulfill once you complete the course. Nursing as a subject is too vast, so personal statements and contours might vary. However, the object shall always remain the same, showing your worth as a student.

The word personal statement can also be understood as a mirror to one’s personality, which shows the genuineness and sincerity of a student. This statement might also supplement one’s marks, capability, and sometimes technical know-how. What can be included in a personal statement is yet another question, but eagerness and enthusiasm should always be mentioned on a restricted level.

There are multiple courses in nursing. So one can also discuss what they aim to accomplish through the concerned course. What pricked their conscience or made them choose this line of profession is another popular way to discuss future goals in the personal statement.

How Should I Write My Personal Statement?

Writing anything requires articulation skills that might not be universal. But if you can write elementary English, then typing down a personal statement won’t be a challenge at all; all you need to do is follow my lead.

The below-mentioned steps are in detail, and soon your personal statement will be ready for submission –

Understand Needs Of The Profile –

Here, the idea is to do ample research on the profile you are targeting. So if there is a specific course in your mind, then look at what you become after doing that, now keep that profile in mind and begin to jot down all the important aspects of that profile. You have to be thorough in your research otherwise, there might be things which you may miss out on.

The above procedure is to get an idea of all the college requirements and what they expect from their students. The point is to give you enough information not to find it problematic to make a tailor-made personal statement for every college you have applied to.

Look for Instructions –

At times, instructions are given in the college brochures, so make sure that you read carefully. There might be a word limit, and in case there are keywords like be precise and in brief, then don’t forget to change paragraphs after every four to five lines. This will allow the assessor to get more focus, and they might be able to connect the dots in general.

Structure It –

Now, once the research and instruction portion is done, begin to structure it. For the most basic of all, one should start with an introduction which should be around 10 % of your total content, then it will be followed by the body and then will finally end on a conclusion.

The most basic principle while making a structure is to ensure that all the three parts, which are introduction, body, and conclusion, are getting connected.

If we look at the individual parts of a personal statement, only the body party shall take most of the content.

So while farming content, you have to be innovative and imaginative. For the same, you can introspect aspects of your life which were motivating enough for you to go for the present course.

Similarly, you can begin by describing your own life story in such a manner that the assessor can look at how passionate you are toward your goal. For any assistance, you can avail nursing essay writing help from an admission expert.

Read It Before You Send It –

This is the most basic rule of every student, irrespective of their domain. The reason is that there is always something or the other which you might feel like adding or substituting when you read your personal statement for the second time.

At times there are requirements that need to be fulfilled or duly mentioned in the personal statements, so make sure that before submitting, you double-check everything. Further, look for grammatical errors, and proofread your entire content.

What All Your Statements Should Have To Be Called Outstanding?

Apart from what has been discussed above, there are many other parts which a personal statement should have these can be elaborated as follows –

Distinctive Personae

Everyone has one such quality that they feel distinguishes them as an individual. But remember, this quality must be so distinctive that it can give an impression to your reader that you already have what it takes to be there.

So, for instance, being a workaholic can be a good thing for those who have to work in the health sector in general because long hours without taking a break is usually the modus operandi of many health workers. So it would be best if you are looking for those key characteristics which are part of your personality trait and are common with the educational profile you are seeking to pursue.

Previous Job Profile

Suppose you have already been working somewhere and there has been a substantial gap between your education. In that case, giving some basic idea of what you were doing these many years brings credibility to your candidature.

Particularly if you have experience in the field of nursing then, it will be better to mention the same as selection panels look for value addition a candidate brings to their college.

Previous Schoolings

It goes without mentioning that there is always a minimum criterion that you already might have fulfilled to be a nursing aspirant, the idea for mentioning it in the personal statement is to get more specific. Here you have to tell all your educational achievements in the field of nursing. This will help your personal statement to shine amongst hundreds of candidates.

Source of Inspiration

Though it seems common sense that most personal statements might have a source of inspiration or factors that motivated one to move on this path, most students don’t mention it. The source of inspiration shows one’s character and commitment to their objective.

So if you have been motivated by some instance in your life that made you move on this path can be a good start. Essay writing experts in Sydney, who also provide online assignments to help Australia, will assist you in curating an excellent introduction for your personal statements.

Public Initiatives

Everyone likes a person who has done some work for society. For nursing students, the idea is more elaborate as their future will be around serving individuals at hospitals, camps, etc. So, in short, it can be said that public initiatives are a good way to make your personal statement more unique.

Remember, these public initiatives might be voluntary or non-voluntary, so if one has been paid some remuneration for short-term work, it is also seen as part of the public initiative. Similarly, the initiative may be out of the field of nursing but must be at least welfare-oriented.


Currently, personal statements are very common in universities and colleges. Somewhere they are called a state of purpose also, nonetheless, the objective behind them all remains the same, which is to test the level of commitment a student has with the course.

It is quite natural that everyone would love to enter a prestigious university in this competitive world, and when there are so many students applying for the same course, one has to prove their worth.

For a course like nursing, the personal statement becomes more relevant because it is one such course that requires focus and dedication. As for every student who takes admission, a substantial amount of resources are spent on training.

So if they are not passionate enough, they will either drop out or won’t pursue a career in the field cornered, which will ultimately lead to wasting resources. So on a psychological level, it helps an assessor test the level of resolve and determination of a student for this difficult path. So make sure that you take your nursing personal statement seriously because it has the capacity to change your future forever.

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