How to do a Spectacular Surprise Wedding Dance, explained in 12 steps.

How to do a Spectacular Surprise Wedding Dance, explained in 12 steps.

In Indian culture, weddings are a time of great happiness for family and friends. The union of two souls has become a grand party to make it as memorable as possible.

Organizing a surprise wedding dance is the new trend of 2021, and it’s becoming more viral by the day. One cannot scroll through social media without seeing some incredible wedding videos.

How to do a Spectacular Surprise Wedding Dance, explained in 12 steps.

In this blog, you will learn about 12 tips to create a Spectacular Surprise Wedding Dance. 

Remember you need to hire a professional wedding dance choreographer in Delhi to help you plan and execute the idea.

Create a Highly Choreographed Dance

This is an essential part of a spectacular surprise wedding dance.

Get all the couple’s friends together and hire one of the best wedding dance choreographers in Delhi. The wedding guest will love it, and the bride and groom will thank you for it.

Have a Drone Camera Recording the Dance

Weddings are grand, and so are the dance routines you will conduct. Capturing it on a drone will make it even more memorable and help you show off to everyone who missed it.

Hire Background Dancers

Get a troop of dancers from some famous wedding dance choreographers in Delhi. They will add to the grandness of the wedding and also give it a very Bollywood feel.

Create a Human Chain

For the introductory portion of the dance routine, you can create a human chain to get everyone jazzed up. It will create a new level of euphoria to the night and make everyone jump out of their seats.

Encourage everyone to join the human chain and become a part of the dance routine.

Tell the Story of the Bride and Groom

You can create a Bollywood-style song and dance telling the story of two lovebirds

Wedding dance choreographers in Delhi can supervise the whole thing, and everyone will love it.

Unlimited Supply of Alcohol 

There’s nothing that keeps the party going and lets everyone loosen up other than having a lot of alcohol. 

Ensure that you supply it at the right moment and intervals to ensure the party’s mood never goes down.

Keep it Ethnic and Avoid Putting on English Songs

While you might enjoy some lovely English songs, it is crucial to keep in mind the music taste of the crowd.

Wherever part of the country the couple originates from, you can show off the state’s culture. One can even perform Indian fusion with the help of wedding dance choreographers in Delhi.

Let the Couple Take the Stage and do a Slow Dance

While it is essential to have fun dance routines, ultimately the wedding dance hinges on the couple’s union. Let them show off their love for each other in a romantic dance routine and then get back to high-energy dance.

Focus on the Extrovert Dancers

There are always some people in the family that have an energetic aura and ready to dance mindset. Let them be the center of attention and get everyone moving during the wedding. 

Use Children to do a Small Dance

Little girls and boys always melt the hearts of everyone at the wedding. Some wedding dance choreographers in Delhi specialize in choreography with kids, and they will add a different flavor to the wedding.

Maybe bring some to tears with their cuteness.

Get the Elderly Involved

Nothing is more pure and simple than the dadis, uncles, and chacha’s doing a dance routine. One might have even seen the video of an uncle dancing on Govinda’s song, which went viral all over social media. 

You could potentially have a viral hit on your hands.

Keep the Dance Routine Early On

When doing a wedding dance, it’s best to stage it early on because people are still more energetic and less hungry. 

If you do it too late, it might be challenging with specific rules in place around loud music.

The best timing is doing it immediately after the bride and groom have arrived at the wedding.

Final words

You have now learned about the top 12 ideas to ensure that you can throw the best surprise wedding dance.

It is vital to hire wedding dance choreographers in Delhi to ensure your ideas are correctly executed. 

Use a lot of light and show, keep everything very organized and ensure no technical issues happen during the dance

Keep the spotlight on the bride and groom so that they are the stars of the event.

 You are now fully prepared to create the best wedding dance of all time.

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