How to Make the Best NFL Fantasy Teams

How To Make The Best NFL Fantasy Teams

As a hobby, NFL fantasy football is super competitive, fun and yes, very addictive. It is an excellent game that not only requires knowledge of the sport, but you also need a lot of skill, strategy and luck. However, if you’re a new entrant into this game, it can get quite overwhelming.

To be successful in NFL fantasy football, you need to draft players and build a strong team – by using an NFL lineup optimizer, coach them and improve your position and in this article, we’ll discuss some strategies of how to draft the best NFL fantasy team.

NFL Fantasy Football Strategies

NFL fantasy football works on the foundation of drafting a team of actual NFL players to create a team. Based on their performances in real life every week in actual NFL games, your team scores points. You win the game if your team scores more than your opponent’s team.

While the idea of NFL fantasy football is quite simple, there are several ways of how you can draft your team and how you can modify your team all through the football season.

There are several strategies that you can follow on draft day that can help you win the football games. Typically, drafts follow the “snake system.” i.e., in the 1st round, if you pick last, then the order gets reversed and in the 2nd round, you’ll pick first and this keeps going back and forth until the draft is completed.

How to Make the Best NFL Fantasy Team

You can draft your NFL fantasy football team in many ways and strengthen your team. However, before doing that you need to know some important things and various positions in a fantasy league team, especially if you’re a beginner.

Running Backs

This is the most important position in NFL fantasy football and most critical to the success of your NFL team. Running backs are usually taken on early in the drafts. When looking for running backs, choose the ones that are dedicated to the run and also have a contribution in the passing game.

Wide Receivers

The 2nd most important position in fantasy football. Look for wide receivers who dominate and focus on their receptions. The wide receivers having a high number of receptions are usually the focus of any team’s offense.


Quarterbacks or QBs score the greatest number of points in fantasy football. They are No. 3 in line when drafting an NFL fantasy football team. However, since the scoring of QBs is not as drastic as other player positions, despite the large scoring output, QBs are not high in the drafts and are usually filled once the running backs and wide receiver positions are filled.

Tight Ends

They score similarly as wide receivers and are less important than wide receivers. This is the most difficult position to draft and since it does not provide a lot of value, you can find a pretty decent tight end even in the later rounds.

Defense & Special Teams

DST can be a strength or weakness to your team depending on how they score points. While a good defense can strengthen your game, a bad defense can make you lose it. Defenses are usually quite easy to pick and you can determine the top teams by checking out the stats of the previous year.

Once you get a top team, you’re all set. IDP (individual defense players) may be a bit more difficult to draft and may need some strategy and finding ones getting plenty of tackles and receptions can help to determine their success. Look for opportunities to get the top middle or inside linebackers because these players have the greatest number of tackle opportunities.


This position is the least important in fantasy football and is usually taken last in a draft. Usually, kickers score points and get bonus points on the basis of the distance of the kick and typically, score the least number of points. There is no need to overthink the kicker position and you can find a high-quality kicker any time.

So, now that you have a fair understanding of how to make the best NFL fantasy football team and some tips that you can follow, you’re set to play the game. So, go and have some fun.

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