How to Scatter Ashes at the Beach: A Guide

When a loved one passes away and you’re left with their ashes, you begin to think about what they’d want. There are many ways to honor your loved ones and their wishes even after their passing. Some desire to have their ashes scattered in a specific location while others leave the decision in the hands of those they left behind.

It’s now up to you to decide how you’d like to show your respects. Are you wondering how to scatter ashes at the beach? If you want to scatter the ashes of your loved one at the beach to honor them, then there are a few things you should know.

For several ideas on how to scatter cremation ashes at the beach and how to ensure everything goes well, be sure to continue reading below. Here’s everything you should know about scattering ashes at the beach.

Check Local Ordinances

Different states and locations may all have their own laws regarding scattering ashes. You want to make sure you do everything legally, so take your time to research all local ordinances. If needed, contact a local agency to ask about scattering ashes and how to go about it in a proper manner.

In some locations, a permit might be required before you can scatter them. It’s also important you research the exact location you’re considering to confirm it’s not the property of a local tribe. Once you’re in the clear, you can then begin to plan further.

Some other places to consider scattering ashes are your garden, your loved one’s favorite place, and a local park. These locations are great options if you’re unable to scatter them at a local beach.

Bring a Scattering Tube With You

If you don’t already have a scattering tube, then you can purchase one from the funeral home. Scattering tubes are made from recyclable materials and make scattering the ashes much easier. After scattering the ashes, the tube can then be recycled and reduce waste.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to place all of the ashes in the scattering tube. You can choose to keep some in an urn as well.

Use a Floating Biodegradable Urn 

If you want to release the ashes to the ocean, then you should consider a floating biodegradable urn. This option allows you to release the entire urn into the water with worry. The urn will quickly break down in the water, won’t damage the environment, and can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

You can even find some with seashells, turtles, and other designs on them. After releasing it into the water, you can watch as it drifts away into the sea before eventually becoming one with the ocean.

Create a Share Circle

Before releasing the ashes into the ocean, you can create a share circle on the beach using the ashes. Scatter the ashes into a circle on the ground. Then, you and your family and friends will take turns stepping inside the circle.

The person who’s in the circle will then share something about your loved one. You can tell stories, say your last goodbyes, or anything else you’d like to say. Once everyone has a turn, you’ll then take the rest of the ashes and release them into the wind or ocean.

Release Them Into the Tide

A great way to scatter ashes into the ocean is to allow the tide to take them. To do this, you can dig a hole on the beach when the tide moves out. Place the ashes into this hole.

You can then cover the hole with sand. When the tide comes back in, the ocean waves will gradually take the ashes and bring them out to sea.

Allow the Wind to Carry Them

If you want to release the ashes into the wind, then you should place them in a scattering tube. Before scattering the ashes, check the direction of the wind. It should be heading in a direction opposite of where your friends and family are standing.

After confirming the direction of the wind, you can then open the scattering tube and hold it at waist height. Then, begin the scattering process.

Toast to the Ashes

A good way to allow multiple people to be a part of the scattering process is to plan a toast to the ashes. Bring several toasting glasses with you and fill each one up with the ashes. Hand each glass to anyone who wants to partake in the toasting.

Each person will then share something special they want to say about your loved one. Once everyone has a turn, you’ll raise your glasses to a toast and then release the ashes.

Turn the Ashes Into a Reef

If your loved one enjoyed the beach, the ocean, and sea life, then turning their ashes into a reef could be something special for them. Professionals will create a reef to hold your loved one’s ashes in. The reef is then brought down to the ocean floor.

It becomes a part of the ocean’s ecosystem and can even replace broken or damaged reefs in the area. The ashes are contained in the reef and it becomes a home to many sea creatures.

Schedule a Ceremony

You can schedule a ceremony and have it at the beach or on a boat before releasing the ashes. There are several different types of cremation ceremonies to consider. You can have the company performing the service take the ashes for you, or you can choose to attend the ceremony with friends and family.

Music can be played and prayers can be said. You can decide on what type of ceremony you want to have and what should be included in it.

You Should Know How to Scatter Ashes For Your Loved One

Before you take the ashes to the beach, you should know how to scatter ashes for your loved one. Keep these helpful ideas and tips in mind before planning your own ceremony. With the right planning, your loved one will have a beautiful and respectful ceremony in their honor.

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