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Why People Are Refusing the Covid-19 Vaccine

The number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered globally across 184 countries is about 6.43 billion. Averagely, the rate of administering the vaccine for Covid is about 27.4 million doses per day. This is a pretty good start in ensuring about 41.8% of the global population gets the jab.

It’s worth noting that high-income countries are getting vaccinated up to 20-times faster than developing countries. In the U.S., government data indicates rolling up to 960,397 doses per day. This brings the total number of administered Covid-19 vaccine doses to about 399 million.

These statistics are quite impressive. However, if some people stop boycotting the jab, the numbers would be better. While most of these people have beliefs behind their reasons for boycotting the vaccine, most of them are unaware they’re doing more harm than good.

So, what makes these people reluctant to get the jab while some doses, such as the Pfizer vaccine, show better resistance even against the Delta variant? What’s hindering us from achieving a level immunity against Covid-19?

Keep reading to understand more about this boycott.

Most People Are Not Sure About Getting a Covid-19 Vaccine Jab

The bigger majority of the people hesitant to get the Covid-19 jab are not sure about whether they need it in the first place. These people don’t subscribe to any unscientific cause, neither do they have a political agenda. In most cases, they have varying beliefs on why they are reluctant.

For instance, some of these people just fear needles. A recent study by Jamaica Hospital Medical Center shows that about 20% of the global population fear needles or injections. 10% of these numbers suffer from an irrational fear of needles, a condition known as Trypanophobia.

Trypanophobia can manifest in three main ways. Some people experience classic phobia due to traumatic events that make them anxious. Another group experiences a vasovagal reflex reaction which can make them faint, while others are hypersensitive to needle pains.

For these reasons, these people stay undecided about getting the jab. This causes the risk of new infections while we are trying to recover from the pandemic. Also, they risk getting hospitalized for days, even weeks, if they contract the deadly Delta variant virus.

Perception That You Can’t Access the Vaccine Easily

Although developing countries may indeed experience challenges accessing the vaccine, developed nations have the capacity to immunize their populations. Countries such as the US and the UK are even donating some doses to countries in the sub-Sahara.

People sitting on the fence with regards to the Covid-19 vaccine are taking advantage of this perception. If they come from a poorer background, they’ll even get more discouraged. Remember, some countries offer Covid-19 jabs at designated health centers.

In that case, most people find it hard to travel to such spots just for a single jab. Remember, most of those hesitant due to Covid-19 vaccine accessibility never even got hospitalized during the pandemic’s peak. So, they feel like they have nothing to lose altogether.

It’s worth mentioning that these people will find it easy to access the jab within their local community centers. This may include churches, mosques, and gurdwaras. Another that makes populations think they can’t access the jab is structural racism.

For instance, colored groups may not feel that comfortable in the hands of a white doctor. In that case, they would father remain unvaccinated than go through what they perceive as “systematic racism.”

General Vaccine Skepticism

General vaccine skepticism became evident even before Dr. Kenneth Chien and his colleagues launched the Moderna vaccine. For instance, some people are hesitant to take a jab because they believe injecting a live biological agent into the human body can trigger other health conditions.

Do you remember when masses had skepticism about the MMR vaccine for measles and mumps? Many believed it caused autism. That is the same fear driving hesitation in some people, with some believing that the Covid-19 vaccine could be worse.

This group of people is right about one thing—getting a vaccination may entail the doctor injecting live agents into your body. However, they are wrong about the side effects. Living agents in a vaccine get weakened or attenuated before administration into the human body.

Of course, some people may show reactions after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. This includes short-term fever, chills, fatigue, and diarrhea. Also, some vaccinated individuals report muscle pain, headache, and short-lived pain at the injection site.

However, the risks of contracting Covid-19 for unvaccinated masses are far much greater than the short-lived side effects of getting the vaccine.


America is a highly democratic and individualistic nation. We have a notion that human beings know themselves better than anyone else. That means they can make “sound” decisions without the interference of what society thinks about them.

Besides, there is a belief that human nature justifies a certain degree of self-esteem and confidence. For these reasons, every American has the ultimate right to decide whether they want to get one. To some degree, it’s even justifiable to ignore how your actions may impact the lives of others.

That’s why it’s common to find some people not vaccinated simply because they choose not to. However, most organizations, such as airlines, are at the forefront to ensure that this notion doesn’t impede their operations.

In some companies, it’s compulsory to have a Covid-19 vaccination certificate as an employee. Some sports and music events organizers also demand a valid vaccination certificate before allowing masses into arenas.

This can influence many people to change their stance on “democracy.” Remember, avoiding vaccination doesn’t only affect the people you work with. It also puts your immediate family at risk of contracting the virus.

Many Vaccines for Covid Are Safe

Popular options such as the Moderna vaccine and Pfizer vaccine are safe for human use and protection against the covid pandemic. It’s imperative to get the Covid-19 vaccine as early as now if we are going to reopen every sector. Moreover, it’s for your safety.

Don’t let the above misconceptions misguide you. Millions of people got their two doses of the vaccine and are doing well. Find other articles on this site for more resources that debunk the myths of the Covid vaccine.

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