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How To Seamlessly Add a Copper Vent Hood to Your Kitchen

If you’re considering adding a new vent hood to your existing kitchen, you’ve found an opportunity to really elevate your kitchen’s design. Vent hoods are often a focal point in the room, and you might be unsure of how to purchase one when you’re not planning a full kitchen renovation. If you’re only replacing the vent hood, which often happens when the ventilation system needs replacement, a few easy tips can get you well on your way to installing a copper vent hood.

  1. Find the type of copper vent hood you need.

First, you will need to decide what type of vent hood you need. Especially if you don’t plan to change other aspects of your kitchen, you probably already know whether the hood will be mounted on the wall, over the island, or under the counter. You may also know if your kitchen is equipped with a commercial ventilation system or whether you need a ductless hood.

  1. Find a finish that matches your kitchen.

Copper vent hoods come in a variety of finishes, including metallic finishes in copper, silver, pewter, neutrals like white and gray, and various shades of red, orange, and green. All of these options make it easy to color match to your kitchen. You can also customize the colors of the additional embellishments on your unit, like the rivets and straps, to pull the kitchen’s décor together.

In some cases, you might find these colors don’t fit with your existing color scheme. A copper range hood might be well worth adjusting the paint on the walls, the color of your towels, or making other minor color swaps.

  1. Measure your kitchen to customize the specifications.

Copper range hoods are fully customizable, including the height and width! Each range hood is custom made to your exact specifications, guaranteeing you’ll find a hood that fits in the space left by your previous hood.

Wall-mounted range hoods should hang 27-36 inches over the stove, and under-cabinet units should hang 21-27 inches. You also want the unit at least as long as your stove, and maybe a little longer if possible.

You will find copper range hoods in a variety of profiles. You might want to consider which styles will look best if you need a considerably longer or shorter unit than standard.

  1. Have your range hood custom made.

After you’ve made all of your selections, you will receive a design image of the hood so you can envision how it would look in your kitchen. If you love and approve the design, a team of highly skilled artisans will create your range hood.

Consider a Fully Customizable Copper Range Hood for Your Kitchen

Copper range hoods are really an excellent choice when you’re only upgrading the unit. Not only do you get a beautiful and durable product, but the wide range of customization options guarantees you will find something that will work with the kitchen that you already have. You can easily purchase a range hood online, plugging in your preferences and kitchen measurements in an online form, to really build what you envision and have your range hood ready quickly.

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