How to Study Immunology Fast

How to Study Immunology Fast?

Studying any particular subject is quite difficult. You have to remember a lot of things simultaneously. As a result of this, at times, your brain gets totally jammed and you completely blank out during hours of need. This is especially the case when you are writing exams. Blanking out in such situations can be really stressful.

Immunology is one such course, which is quite difficult to handle. This is primarily because there are different aspects that you have to deal with altogether. Here are a few tips to learn and study immunology fast.

Know Your Learning Style

Immunology is no easy subject. Therefore, do not simply jump into studying the different topics given in your syllabus. You have to make conscious choices regarding a number of aspects. At the very outset, you need to understand your learning style. That is to say, you need to understand whether you learn better by studying digitally, or from taking notes, and so on. Consider your learning preferences.

For instance, you might find it easier to study and remember different topics in a graphical manner. Therefore, you can opt for studying immunology in a pictorial manner. You might remember better and retain more information through the process of writing down points.

For studying immunology, you can do the same. In some cases, additional courses such as Immunology courses online can prove to be extremely beneficial for enhancing your knowledge. These courses can provide you with an amazing idea of the different important topics of immunology.

Read Sections

You have been very obviously given certain specific textbooks for your course in immunology. At the very outset, you have to follow your syllabus in order to understand the sequence of teaching. Follow that in a religious manner. Open your book and read certain sections of the chapters which you think are relevant for you. That is to say, try and read the overview, and maybe the introduction section of the chapter. This will help you in gaining a holistic idea about the contents of the same chapter.

However, you need to do this, before you go for your lecture the next day. This reading will give you a brief idea about what you will be taught the next day during the lecture. Attend the lecture attentively.

Reread the sections that you have already read the previous day. Try to understand if you have any questions, or you need clarifications regarding some of the topics. This way of reading immunology will help you understand your concepts better and assimilate them in an effective manner.

Concept Mapping

Immunology as a course is more about concepts than rote learning. Therefore, you need to get to the core of the subject in order to learn it faster. Cramming up different topics will not really help you. Therefore, you need to find different alternatives so that you can learn and retain better. Try concept mapping. In this kind of mapping, you get a clear understanding of the different topics that you have studied so far. It, in a way, provides you with a clear notion of the ways in which the different topics can be connected.

You can also write down certain important details, which you need to retain in order to understand the concept or topic better. You can do concept mapping in different ways. For instance, you can take a huge sheet, where you can start drawing your concept map. With the progress of the semester, you can continue on the same sheet. You can also make concept maps for micro topics and macro topics separately.

However, if you are still unsure about how to study immunology, join one of the courses on TangoLearn. The courses are detailed and will provide you with extensive guidance for grasping the subject properly.

Go 3D

Understanding the interaction among molecules and atoms is difficult when you are studying only in the 2D format. For gaining a better understanding of these interactions, you need to go 3D. Doing it is also simple as you are reading it. For instance, you can try making some small models, in order to understand better.

Making models will also provide you with an amazing understanding of the functionality of atoms and molecules. You can also try your hand at animation. Animating the different elements of immunology will actually prove to be beneficial for learning at a faster pace. You will also realize the effectiveness of this particular way of studying.

Review Your Learning

You need to read and reread your notes time and again. Simply reading the notes before the exams will not prove to be fruitful. This is practical because you cannot retain so much information simultaneously.

However, if you review your notes and writings in a scheduled manner, then it will be helpful. Greater exposure to the study materials for a brief time can prove to be more beneficial than reading in chunks before exams.

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