Chicken Leg Quarters

Instant Pot VS Oven – Chicken Leg Quarters At Their Finest!

 Do you have a hankering for chicken leg quarters with a side dish of rice, pasta, or steamed vegetables? If so, there is no time like now to determine which appliance – oven or instant pot – will offer the best outcome. But, first, you need to gather all of your ingredients. Now that you have your ingredients at hand, you can focus all of your attention on this very important decision-making process. Just a tip, is always a good idea to take your chicken quarters recipe into consideration. Different food, especially meat, jives better with some appliances than others. For example, some people believe the steamer delivers the best outcome for vegetables. The outcome is juicy, tender, and nutritious, everything you could ask for in a cup of steamed vegetables. Now, back to the instant pot vs the oven comparison. Below, you will discover a list of tips to ensure you get the decision right the right go-round.

Cooking Times

Here, you have a very important factor that will play a role in helping you make this decision. At this point, you need to ask yourself how important is time. If it is very important, you need to factor it now. Why is the cooking time so important? Firstly, it can be the difference between juicy and dry. What exactly does this entail? The best outcome for chicken legs, regardless of the preparation method, is juicy. The juices contain the biggest portion of the nutrients, tenderness, and flavors. When the juiciness is missing, the meat will be dry, tough, contain virtually no nutrients.

You now know the cooking time is crucial, apply this knowledge to the data you have already gathered. This step also involves a cooking time comparison. In this case, baking chicken quarters evenly and fully takes between 25 and 35 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressurizing chicken quarters utilizing an instant pot takes between 15 and 20 minutes. The mere fact, the cooking time is slightly lower for the pressurized cooking method increases the odds of the outcome being juicer than the baking option.

The lower cooking time may help preserve the juices, nutrients, and flavors naturally found in chicken quarters. Overall, the instant pot offers speedier cooking without damaging the precious nutrients, protein, and vitamins in chicken and other ingredients utilized in this recipe.

Diverse VS Non-Diverse

There are only two cooking method options offered by the oven. These include broiling and baking, both of which offer amazing results for chicken quarters and side dishes. When you compare the usability and functionality of the oven and instant pot, there is virtually no comparison. The instant pot features up to eight food preparation methods, such as steam, meat/stew, slow cook, pressure, saute’, and rice.


Steam, saute’, and slow cook food preparation methods will work perfectly for chicken. If you want to take this recipe to the next level utilizing the instant pot, you can opt for the meat/stew mode. This will allow you to prepare the chicken quarters as a stew or alone.

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