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Leno Mesh Bags: The Best Packaging For Fresh Agriculture Produce

If you’re a businessman in an export-import industry, you perhaps are aware of the storage importance of many items. All things need genuine storage. Furthermore, if you’ve been working on farms, you’ll know the importance of finding big sacks or bags with no toxicity and quality materials. It is used for storing fruits and raw vegetables. However, food items, as well as construction materials, need standard storage.

About Leno Bags

Leno mesh bags are light but offer enough strength for carrying heavy substances over long distances for longer time duration. These are incredibly functional for aeration, which they provide to packed materials.

You can use these mesh bags for cash crops, vegetables, fruits, Mesh Book Bags and PVC, Tea leaves, trading mesh bags, and many more. Moreover, various packaging varieties are obtainable for additional utilities, comprising stand-up pouches, block bottom bags, and more at Singhal Industries Private Limited.

Leno bags are the most modern and latest ways of transporting, storing, and packaging Farm stock. This method has become very common and famous in the production industry because of its simplicity and matchless utility within budget. Leno bags are:

Leno mesh bag manufacturer manufactures these bags in several varieties of washable and color-fast customizable colors. Utilizing color varieties aids you simply in customizing these bags for individual utilization. Manufacturers use cotton/ poly and mesh materials to make such bags that are screen printed and provide enough advertising space.

Leno Mesh Bag Application

A Leno mesh bag manufacturer produces these bags for storing:

  • Vegetables like cabbages, ginger, garlic, potatoes, and onions
  • Fruits like pineapples, Sweet lime, and oranges
  • Mesh book bags and PVC
  • Tea leaves
  • Mesh Bag in Bamboo
  • Trading Mesh Bags

Leno Mesh Bag Features

  • Manufacturers make leno bags in Circular or flat weaving looms.
  • Mouth sewing obtainable locked stitching/ over chain or inseam
  • Tape deniers are usual 400-650
  • Obtainable in various sizes starting from twelve inches to eight inches width and any customizable length
  • Accessible in a wide color range

Uses of Leno Mesh Bags for Packing all Agriculture Products

People are widely using leno mesh bags for packing several agricultural products like Vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, these bags are applicable for packing firewood, pecans, peanuts, cabbage, corn, and pineapple, orange, ginger, carrot, potato, garlic, onion, etc.

  • For onion packaging: Manufacturers produce leno bags of the highest quality standard. These bags are efficient in carrying heavy loads and are highly flexible. In reality, permeability is the critical leno bag property for keeping all products fresh.
  • For vegetable packaging: Leno bags aids in significant energy cost savings in the freezer system. Later, it stores the fresh vegetables for the long term.
  • For potato packaging: Leno Mesh bags can easily carry heavyweights and are perfect for potato packaging. They keep all the products fresh and safe for a prolonged time. Furthermore, these bags have fantastic washable and re-usability characteristics.
  • For fruits packaging: Leno mesh bags have optimum quality and visibility, keeping all products firm for a longer time.
  • For flower packaging: Leno bags are very light in weight, thus reducing the packaging charges. These bags ate obtainable in several sizes and colors and are highly utilized for packing flowers, keeping them fresh.

Advantages and Specialities of Leno Mesh Bags

  • The bags have holes that permit the items to receive sufficient sunlight and breathing.
  • These products are visible and can be checked without even opening the bag.
  • Cost-efficient solutions because of their economic and low-weight nature.
  • A superior and better alternative in comparison to other choices obtainable in the industry
  • These bags are accessible without or with a drawstring.
  • You may design custom leno bags based on your preference.
  • Food bags arrive in several various sizes in different fabric colors according to the user’s requirements.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • No growth of fungus on packed contents and bags
  • Moisture resistant
  • Hygienic and safe packaging for perishables, consumables, and agricultural products
  • It offers excellent aeration for garden-fresh production such as vegetables and fruits, preventing agricultural produce from sweating and rotting.
  • Stable sewing and cutting quality
  • Odorless leno mesh bags don’t impart scent to packaged vegetables and fruits.
  • Suitable for all types of plastic leno fabrics, regular HDPE/ PP woven fabric.


If you’re working in any industry where packing products is vital, this content shall aid you in understanding the right packaging choice. Leno mesh bags are essentially functional for aeration, which they offer to all packaged materials.

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