What Are the Implications of Being Charged with Drug Crimes in Sydney?

The rate of drug crimes in Sydney has increased from 2.95 per 10000 people in 2001 to 29.5 in 2021. Drug crimes have severe implications in Sydney, and people charged with drug crimes can face jail time or massive fines.

Crimes usually involve possession or administration of prohibited drugs. If you are facing drug charges, it’s recommended you contact reputed drug offence lawyers Sydney to minimize the consequences of the charge. Drug crimes may take on several forms in Sydney.

Drug Crimes in Sydney

Drug crimes in Sydney are governed by the NSW Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, 1985. Recent reports suggest that increased cocaine distribution and trade in Sydney are responsible for the higher rate of violent crimes in the city.

Drugs including marijuana, opiates, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy are classified as “prohibited drugs.” Possession, self-administration, or supply of these drugs could lead to drug crime charges in Sydney. The state police department has been implementing frequent and robust raids and other steps to control drug crimes in the city.

Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession in Sydney is a summary offense. A person charged with drug possession charges may face fines as high as $2200. The prosecution can charge you with a drug possession charge if they can prove two points:

  • You possessed an illegal drug/prohibited drug listed in Section 10 of the Act
  • You were reasonably aware of the fact that you possessed the drug

Experienced drug offense lawyers in Sydney may be able to help you with drug possession charges.

Your lawyer may build up points to prove that you did not possess the drugs or that you were unaware of the presence of drugs in the building at the time of the raid. If your lawyer can prove that the drugs belonged to another inhabitant of the building, you may be acquitted of charges.

Drug Administration Charges

Charges that involve the use or administration of a prohibited drug in Sydney have more severe consequences and higher penalties. If the prosecution can establish evidence for drug abuse, you may face lengthy jail time in addition to fines. Some prohibited drugs like marijuana are authorized for medical use based on a licensed doctor’s prescription.

Your lawyer may argue that you have a medical condition that requires the authorized use of prohibited drugs for medical relief. You will need to submit written recommendations and statements from an approved doctor.

Drug Supply and Distribution Charges

Recently a truck driver associated with large-scale drug supply charges in Sydney was charged with 18 offenses by the NSW police department. It would be extremely challenging to prove your innocence if you are charged with drug supply charges. Small-scale or commercial supply of prohibited drugs is illegal in Sydney.

While acquittal may not be an option, an expert drug crimes attorney may be able to get you conditional bail. Your lawyer may also be able to lower the intensity of your charges with effective negotiation.

Contact an Experienced Drug Offence lawyer.

A recent study on the topic “teen substance abuse in Sydney” showed that 15% of the participants (ages between 12 and 17) had tried marijuana at least once. Drug abuse can cause severe damages to a person’s health and life. It can also lead to adverse legal consequences. It’s essential to work with a drug offense lawyer with a reliable track record if you face a drug charge in Sydney.

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