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Trade is undoubtedly deeply rooted in the history of the world. There are millions of traders all around the world who ensure the proper functioning of the world’s economic system and I am proud to say that I am one of them. Trade has become synonymous with finance even though it is technically not a part of the financial system. It is related to it and financing is heavily dependent on trade but it does not negate the fact that trade is a completely different profession from finance and it should be treated as such. Anyone who confuses trade with finance and fails to provide a distinction between the two needs a better insight into the world of trade.

Trade has been around for millennia and even now there are more workers in the trading business than in any other profession in the world. When I first started in the trade, I took it lightly and thought to myself, it can’t be that hard but it was. Trading through independent firms was not easy. There were always limitations as to what you as an independent trader could do. This is why I switched to a different trading system, one where individual values were championed and beginners such as myself were given a proofing ground where we could develop our skills and become a full-time trader.

Now when I searched for trading platforms the search results provided me with a hoard of multiple trading sites, many of which were not even verified with international trading commissions or regional offices. It would take a lot more to find the best trading platforms than just being associated with verified committees. I did use my knowledge of how trade is conducted and implemented my skills to come up with a plan to find the best online trading platform on the internet. After weeks of searching, I came across ManCapitalGroup which is poised to become one of the biggest trading platforms in the entire industry.

Now I decided on ManCapitalGroup after weeks of testing and using different trading platforms. I picked a few factors that I believe are key to finding the best platform for one’s business regardless of specialization. The factors are mentioned as follows

  • Appealing Layout
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Information Flow
  • Secure Accessibility
  • Tradable Assets

Appealing Layout

The first thing I saw when I went to ManCapitalGroup’s official site was the homepage. The page was designed to be informative while ensuring that it was not overwhelming for new users. One of my favourite things was the overall layout of the entire platform. It had a basic procedural layout that was consistent throughout, which is an impressive feat considering the expansive set of tools available on this platform.

For me, the most appealing factor was the slight shifting of colours between different lines. This showcased positivity and reflected the platform’s core business model which is support for beginners and experienced traders alike. It highlighted the platform’s commitment to ensuring its track record of being a platform that is accessible to everyone and there is no discrimination based on region or lack of experience. Any beginner can choose a professional account and any experienced trader can also opt for a beginners account.

User-Friendly Interface

Even though I was impressed by the layout of ManCapitalGroup, what sold me was how easy it was to use. Most trading platforms that use the internet as their primary infrastructure are complicated and not exactly user friendly. They are designed for back end users who have a grasp on the basics of information technology, something most traders do not. This is why the user interface was important. It represents the inclusivity of the platform as an entity and showcased its desire to develop a community instead of a user base. The thought that went into designing the user interface for this trading platform showed me how different ManCapitalGroup is from the other trading platforms.

I was a beginner when I first started using this platform and it took me maybe 3 days to work out the procedures I would use to conduct my daily business. I was easily able to navigate the trading platform without having to call the support team since many of my queries were already answered in the FAQ section (which I am hoping that they start updating soon enough). I found the perfect placement of individual resource materials in separate sections to be quite appealing as well. Suffice to say, ManCapitalGroup is a pro-user platform and is always actively working to provide better services to its users.

Information Flow

A trading platform is as good as its ability to inform traders about real-time bids that are taking place on the asset index. If you’re completely new to this platform then go to the education centre and select the asset index. There you will find real-time information about every asset being traded on the open market during trading hours. This is a very good step and pro-beginner as well. I remember having trouble getting access to critical information regarding assets back when I first started and the asset index helped me a lot.

I do believe it would vastly improve the service if the company worked more on this service. It is a missed opportunity for the company to not give full access to all reporting sites to post their information on the asset index. Perhaps there is a plan to implement a better information system shortly but for now, I guess the present system is better than nothing.

Secure Accessibility

When it comes to online trading, I want to be able to trade from anywhere in the world. Most trading platforms do not offer cross-regional support since it is expensive to support an account across regional lines especially for something as complicated as trade. And the requirement for extra hosting servers does not give companies an incentive to do so anyway.

However, there are companies like ManCapitalGroup that have multiple servers in various economical hubs around the world. The necessity of individual servers cannot be understated since companies that do not utilize this implementation for their cross-region support risk compromising their clients’ data.

Under normal circumstances, the risk would be negligible but in some instances, data can be compromised. This is not the case for ManCapitalGroup since their servers allow them to offer their users uninterrupted access to their accounts from various regions without risking their data being accessed by any third party. This was a major plus point for me because I do care for my privacy and any platform that does not put my security as their top priority is not for me or you. I can confirm that ManCapitalGroup is secure and I have felt quite safe using this platform to conduct all my trade. My data is stored in a digital vault that can only be opened if both the platform and I allow for the account to be accessible.

My one piece of advice to you as a beginner is that you should prioritize your security above all else. The thing is that even in the open market, beginners are naturally at a disadvantage. Platforms like ManCapitalGroup can only do so much. Many features of the open market are out of their hand but ManCapitalGroup still offers an extra service of security which I admire a lot.

Tradable Assets

What is a trading platform without its assets? ManCapitalGroup has a diverse range of tradable assets many of which include the most sought after items. These include forex and indices which are the highlights of a trader’s asset index to commodities, currencies and company stocks which offer high-profit margins for buyouts. All in all, there are a lot of assets users have access to on this platform and we haven’t even gotten to the best stuff yet. The most exclusive asset that is available on this platform is no doubt the crypto catalogue. The crypto catalogue consists of several cryptocurrencies that can be traded during trading hours.


Cryptocurrencies may seem to be dull and not worth the risk but do not let the market fool you, even now economists can confirm that crypto is the future of trade and no matter how it performs, it is an important asset to have access to.  While ManCapitalGroup gives you abundant access to this asset in the open market, I did find the collection to be outdated at times and would hope the firm would work more to introduce a more diversified range soon enough.

Closing Arguments

Trading for beginners is not easy. Believe me, I speak from experience. It takes time, money and a great deal of exceptional will to learn, only then can you truly become a full-time trader. I went through the gruelling phases of trading before I made it and achieved my goals. It is time for you to do the same. Online trading has opened up a lot of different opportunities for beginners and professionals in the industry. It is up to individuals to decide for themselves if they have what it takes to do the work because ManCapitalGroup will support you but you will need to earn your place in the world of trade.

Disclaimer:This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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