Melbourne Illustrators at Book an Artist- Let’s see why to choose it

Melbourne Illustrators at Book an Artist- Let’s see why to choose it?

An illustration is a highly appreciated art. It may look easy but the work of an illustrator is very difficult in the modern era. It requires immense talent of imagination and creativity. An illustrator is a person who has to draw after reading a book or a piece of art, representing the art in one single page. This helps in the visual understanding of a person and helps the readers to understand what the art is talking about or what the book wants to say.

Judging a book by its cover is because of the profession of an illustrator. For him or her, reading the piece and producing an illustration of a design or a normal graffiti is a huge responsibility because it has to connect to the client and the readers. This article will throw more light on how to book a Melbourne illustrator and will help you a lot. We will discuss different types of illustrators along with the styles. Let’s go!

Different Types of Illustrators at Book an Artist

Illustrations are defined as a drawing or a representation through designs. However it is not limited to just painting and colors, in the following, we will understand the different types of Melbourne Illustrators at Book an Artist available:

● Woodcutting

Expression of emotions or to provide information by woodcutting is a serious form of art. It is not only highly recognized but also extremely loved and wanted. Woodcutting, as pretty as it might look or sound, is an extremely difficult and dangerous job. It requires a critical eye and undivided attention. Professional woodcutters have to be very precise with their work.

● Watercolor

The most common type of illustration in watercolor. This is because watercolor is readily available and many people have spent most of their childhood playing with colors and paint. However, it is still difficult to play with those colors because it requires precise strokes of the brush and a lot of patience.

● Digital art

Digital art or graphic designing is the newest and the most effective form of illustration. It is reversible and quick. The mode of conveyance is faster and the response with regards to the illustration is quicker.

Styles of Illustration

In the earlier days, illustration only referred to paintings and statues that were sold for millions of dollars. But now because of the introduction of graphic novels and more comics like that, the demand for illustration has increased in various art forms:

● Newspaper

Some of the well-known, most noted forms of illustration are newspaper illustration. There are pictures drawn by illustrators to represent the current political situation in a satirical form.

● Scientific illustration-

These types of illustrations are science or technology-based. They represent the ongoing scenario of the world of science and technology. This helps the target audience understand what is happening in the technical world without possessing the technical knowledge.

● Fine arts-

Finally, fine arts among others is the most important type of illustration because it affects the common people. While fine arts is a form of art that expresses the repressed emotions of the common people, fine arts illustration is rather much more difficult because it has to represent the representation of emotions.

● Comics and other graphic novels-

The newest form of illustration is the making of comics and manga novels which are becoming increasingly popular especially among young people. These comics do not have much written content in them more than pictures which turns out to be perfect for people with a short attention span.


While illustration is an upcoming profession, it is still budding in the world. It may not be the first choice of the parents to teach their children but with time its acceptance is widely growing. And while one may not find illustrators to be scattered around everywhere, Melbourne illustrators at book artists are readily available.

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