Writing a Good Essay

10 Tips for Writing a Good Essay

On the verge of finishing high school?

Thinking about applying for college?

Having problems writing college application essays?


These simple 10 tips will have you writing essays like a pro!

Essay writing for college applications

When applying for admission, it is a necessity to write and submit an essay if you want to enroll in a college.


Essay writing is an essential art that is expected to be perfected, by the time you reach college. Going through high school, everyone has had to write an essay multiple times. Well, most people may have used the best essay writing service UK to help them through those stressful essay writing assignments. It is acceptable to use help when you need but a college essay should be written by yourself.


College essays are supposed to define you and your accomplishments to the applied college. So, if you don’t want them to completely write your essay for you, still an Essay Assignment Help can be availed to edit and proofread your college essay. It will increase the chances of your college essay being exceptional.

Essay writing is a creative and complex skill and it is alright if it has not been perfected throughout all those years at school. These skills can still be learned with just a little guidance.

This post will provide you with 10 tips that will be simple enough to follow and they will make anyone capable of writing their own essay, reflecting their character and personality.

The 10 tips:

1.    Brainstorm

Brainstorming is important before you start writing the college essay. It will work as a contributing factor in selecting the subject of the essay. Brainstorming also helps you discuss and debate the ideas and choose the most creative and suitable ones. Select creative and fun ways to brainstorm because they will jog up amazing ideas.

2.    Make a plan

Planning is very important. It clears the mind and helps in deciding what subject to write and what type of format will be better in expressing the subject.

Ø Subject

Every essay before it is completely written starts off with a plan. The planning phase will decide the subject of the essay. Mostly a topic is supplied in the college application and it can be used as a helping guide in specifying the subject of the essay.

Ø Essay type

The type of essay you want to write will be determined by the selected essay subject. You can write the narrative, persuasive, descriptive, or informative type of essay. After subject selection, it will be an easy task to make up your mind about how you want to portray it in the college application.

3.    Imagination

As the main reason for writing the college essay on your own is to represent your ideas and strengths, utilize your imagination to its very end. Drum up creative ways of representing your points. Your imagination will make your college essay stand out from thousands of other submitted college essays.

4.    Find a partner

When starting the planning for writing the college essay, invite over a friend. Sit with your friend and start brainstorming. It will help both of you immensely to bounce ideas off each other. Your friend will also provide you with different ideas and you can do it for him/her vise versa. A partner’s contribution will also heighten your imagination level.

5.    Deadline sheet

Before you start working on your selected subject, make a deadline sheet. Create two columns, one for assigned work and the second for deadlines. Break down your essay writing into steps and mark them with deadlines.

With the ever-present doom of deadlines, tasks will be completed on time with great efficiency.

6.    Research

Starting the writing phase of your essay is not far away. Now that the subject of the essay has been selected, it is time to conduct some research. The research will help in selecting key information and it will also equip you with different ideas about how to best write your topic.

7.    Draft

Before writing the main essay, create a draft. It will be an outline of how the essay will be written. It will keep your writing stay on track. And the best part of creating a draft: you can always refer back and never forget or loose an idea.

8.    Writing the essay

Finally! It’s time to start writing the essay. You have used the previous tips to reach this far. Don’t think about giving up now and contacting an Essay Assignment Help. Believe in yourself, because this is the moment to begin writing those ideas you have accumulated so far. Structure your ideas and sentences, and start typing away.

9.    Summarize

Good job in writing down that essay. After writing the main body of the essay, donate a paragraph to summarizing the subject. It will be the conclusion of your essay. It will also represent the abilities of composition and summarization.

10.                       Review and edit

The final tip for completing the college essay is to review and edit it. Let’s proofread the essay, so it becomes utterly perfect for submission. Look out for grammatical mistakes and any stray words or lines. They will make the essay unique and stand out but not in the desired way.

You have reached the end of your journey and now you have the best essay you have ever written. It will be as good as if you had it written by the best essay writing service UK. But if you want to be sure and use one of the essay writing services to review and edit your college essay, you can go for it.

Following these tips step by step, must have created writing an essay uncomplicated for the first time. You can always apply these tips to write future essays and soon you will be highly trained in writing essays that it will become a piece of cake.

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