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The Best Free VPN For Windows 2021: iTop VPN

In 2021 if you are looking for the best and free VPN  which would be completely compatible with Windows, then iTop VPN should be your first choice. There are many VPN applications or software for windows on the internet, so as a user choosing anyone from these is very difficult for you, but to make it easy for you to choose, we have bought the fastest, completely secure and totally free VPN and that is one and only iTop VPN. The following are some fascinating features of this free VPN for Windows which would inspire you to install it for windows;

Working of iTop VPN for Windows:

When you use a public internet connection (on your computer or laptop), it assigns you a public IP address, which is not protected and safe from snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers, allowing them to see your browsing activity, data, and identity. So, if you use the finest, free, and secure iTop VPN for Windows, it will connect you to the internet using one of its powerful servers at this moment.

Then, instead of utilizing your own IP address, you will surf the internet using the IP address of its linked VPN, ensuring that all of your browsing activities, personal data, and identity are fully safeguarded while surfing online. As a result, all of your internet traffic is routed through a virtual and secure tunnel, allowing you to access and surf websites that you would not normally be able to access using your real IP address.

Key Features of iTop VPN for Windows:

The features of the one and only iTop VPN for Windows are as follows:

Lightning speed:

When you use the iTop VPN for Windows to stream something or surf the internet, you will experience the same speed as your internet provider, and you will never experience any form of speed delay while streaming films or surfing the internet.

Online Security:

Whenever you connect to the internet, iTop VPN for Windows establishes a secure and virtual tunnel for all of your data traffic. Because your data travels between your computer and the servers of iTop VPN through this secure tunnel, it is completely encrypted and encoded, making it nearly impossible for snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers to intercept and read your data, such as your browsing activities or your identity. However, if you use any other low-rated VPN, you will gain access to websites that you would not normally be able to access using your own IP address.

Even yet, those low-rated VPNs can never provide you with the level of online security free VPN. There is a considerable risk that hackers or the government would gain access to your surfing activities or identity if you use a low-ranked VPN, so uninstall it and replace it with the highly rated iTop VPN.

Attachment of devices:

iTop VPN allows users to attach or connect up to five devices to it, and don’t assume that adding five devices to iTop VPN would slow down your speed, because it won’t. There will be no difference in speed if you connect 5 devices to iTop VPN; it will still provide lightning speed.

Keep safe with best-in-class encryption:

iTop VPN is the best VPN that keeps your privacy protected from anywhere or anytime you use it. It masks your real location to prevent your online activities, including website browsing, download history, streaming, even online payment, from being exposed to authorities, snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers. Make yourself invisible with our secure VPN 192.168.l.l service for Windows, IOS or for Android and enjoy true online freedom with the best protection of your identity, browsing activities and your personal data.

Unlimited bandwidth:

Bandwidth limitations are the main reason why you can’t download large files or watch your favorite shows online. Fortunately, iTop VPN can assist you in streaming, browsing, torrenting, and playing online games without any bandwidth restrictions. Furthermore, iTop VPN encrypts your browsing habits and other data so that no one can see or read what you’re doing online.

Kill switch:

Even if you have a connection problem, your browsing habits or traffic will not be visible.

Global connection:

Connecting your device to the iTop VPN network of servers, which covers practically every region on the planet, is as simple as clicking a button.

How To Download iTop VPN in Windows:

  1. Download the app from the website of iTop VPN
  2. Then double click the file from the location where you have downloaded it
  3. Now simply connect to the iTop VPN and enjoy the fascinating features it.

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