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SecuredVC Review 2021– Is this broker worth your investment?


I am just like any other trader out there in a market striving to get his/her hands on a decent trading platform. While there are so many offers available I find that my requirements as a trader do not come to terms with some of these platforms. There is one serious factor that you need to take into consideration even while having the global market at your fingertips, and that is security. This simple factor needs to be integrated into every aspect of a trading platform’s services and tools.

You cannot introduce an advanced network of trade operations while not estimating the risk factors of trading in the open market. You could lose your entire capital investment if you do not take this into account. You need a platform that does not just provide you with fancy, innovative features, you need one that keeps the basic framework of the trading platform intact and is up to date with the market norms.

This is exactly why I wanted to share my experience with a reliable trading platform, in order to give you a brief critical inspection of its service features. I was recommended SecuredVC by a friend when I was surveying the field looking for a good platform. This was almost two years ago and ever since I have joined, I have been satisfied with my trade operations.

I hope my first-hand experience with this platform allows traders to introspect and assess their own trade requirements. Not only will it help them understand their portfolio a whole lot better, but it will also allow them to make calculated decisions regarding their own trade operations.

Does it have a good layout?

Yes, SecuredVC has a well-organized layout which makes it easier to navigate. You will find the date and the time displayed on the right-hand side corner along with the language selection options. The language selection options are just as easy as they seem and you are just a click away from getting the server in any language that you select. However, you will notice that the selection options are limited and you can only choose from the two options of English and Thai.

In my experience with various other trading platforms, I could draw solid comparisons when it comes to the layout. While SecuredVC has stuck with the dark backdrop which I personally am not that big of a fan of, it does not also feature a stock market report bar on the landing page. I find this bar really does set the tone for a trading platform. Overall, the layout is simple and easy to select your way through. The straightforward accessibility is another reason why I find the platform user-friendly.

How are the graphical elements?

Most trading platforms today are putting in considerable effort while optimizing their graphical designs. While SecuredVC has also managed to input a couple of these dynamic features, it has innately stuck to a standardized design outlook. The graphics that have been integrated into this platform’s server make the platform more interactive. I like that they did not integrate any unnecessary graphics as that just adds to the clutter on the main page in itself. Access to the related pages is also available in the right corner, thereby saving space and providing you with an open ground to navigate through. You can go through the drop-down selection lists to access some of these sections. The compact way of aligning the service options is indeed commendable.

What are the investment opportunities provided by the platform?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the trading industry, you will find that SecuredVC can help you expand your profile and take your business further. This platform offers over 200 tradable assets for its clients to choose from and they can change the type of assets they wish to trade with using the available options of Indices, Crypto, Commodities, Forex and Stocks.

Most of my previous trading platforms did not offer me the option to invest in Gold, but I was pleased that SecuredVC has that option available. You can choose your favoured stocks from their list of assets and get ready to invest. They have a range of unique, analytical tools for you to make trade reports with and this will allow you to make well-calculated decisions.

I have learnt a lot about smart investment with this platform and for that, I credit its excellent tools. The chart for example is fully customizable and you can set it according to your preference. While I did find that to be convenient while making a trade, I would have preferred had they introduced the option for colour selection in the chart. I find it difficult to navigate through the redundant green and red colour scheme on a dark backdrop. Other than that there are pop-lists for the custom settings such as if you want to flag certain positions or zoom the chart in and out. Either way, the personalized effect goes a long way with me as each trader has characteristic strategies that they like to avail themselves during their trade operations.

How secure is the network?

I don’t know about other traders with my level of experience, but I have always been apprehensive of trading online. It makes me a little paranoid knowing how open an online server can be but with SecuredVC, I find that ease and comfort of trading. This has got to do a lot with their transparency when it comes to security policies. The platform has detailed all of its policies on its server so this is one factor you won’t have to worry about.

From the terms and conditions to the privacy policy, every guideline has already been laid out to clients. The control over client data is limited and is intended for only monitoring purposes. SecuredVC strives to perfect its operations which is why it seeks certain personal information about your profile; however, you have the option to approve or deny this request. The platform values the integrity and confidentiality that comes with such monitoring and this is something I found commendable. The security protocols that were laid out sure helps assure me regarding the security on this platform.

Does it manage to build a loyal clientele?

While this might be a question you might not take into consideration very often but you will be surprised to know how essential it is to build a close community of traders within a platform. SecuredVC made me realise the importance of this network through its optimized servers. When traders stick around with one platform for a long time, they do it because of due credit and that speaks for itself while defining the importance of SecuredVC.

I was able to build my profile by diversifying my investments and taking risks I never would have taken before. The servers of this platform offered me security that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. For example, when it comes to cryptocurrency, I have never been one to step up. But I tried my hand in the crypto world for the first time by investing in Bitcoin. Over the course of the few months that followed, I experienced highs and lows, but the services of SecuredVC never disappointed me. They held me during my lows and let me make the most of my highs and this is one of the many reasons why I have stuck around.

How helpful is its library of resources?

If you are a beginner, this one question you definitely take into consideration while making a choice. You are at the stepping stone of learning about the world market and while that allows you to start from the ground up, you will still need access to reliable information. I would say SecuredVC is one such platform that will allow you to align your trade operations owing to requirements.

I have realized through my own experience that you need to study the market before you make certain decisions and this is exactly why I appreciate having the right resources at hand. SecuredVC has lined up different learning resources such as eBooks, FAQs, Asset Index and Glossary. I made use of most of them while I found the FAQs to be the most useful. There is something about information relayed through common queries that makes it easier to perceive context. The glossary was another important section as it allowed me to brush up on my terminologies. I would prefer it if they introduced a search engine within the glossary so that I can search certain words myself. However, they have made access to the list easy with an alphabetic scroll option.

How would I summarize my experience?

SecuredVC is an incredible platform and I can say that with confidence due to my own first-hand experience. While I have been satisfied with my trade operations, I do realise that traders out there might have different requirements. This is exactly why I would recommend that they get a trial run on this platform by signing up onto the Self-Managed Account, as this will allow them to get a grip on its trading conditions. You can always upgrade later if you are satisfied with the experience, otherwise, you can always cancel your registration. SecuredVC has a safe policy when it comes to cancellation and you don’t have to worry about the platform’s server draining your assets, and yes, this is something I have experienced in the past with other servers.

All-in-all, SecuredVC is definitely worth a shot if you are a trader looking for a reliable, dependable platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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