New Fitness Model: 24-Hour Self-Service Fitness Club

Brush your face to enter the gym, put on sports clothes, walk into each compartment, open the smart screen operation interface, you can start various resistance exercises (also known as anaerobic exercise, to train the muscles of the human body against equipment or self-weight resistance). Such as dumbbells, barbells, etc.), the whole process is the communication between people and smart terminals. This self-service fitness model is sought after by many young people. So what are the advantages and limitations of this new form of fitness?

Unattended front desk

There is no special person at the front desk of the self-service gym. Usually, users come to the gym turnstiles at the entrance to complete the registration and face recognition registration. After communicated with Macrosafe, one of the leading manufacturers of gym turnstiles, we know that they have successively provided more than 100 fitness center with gym turnstiles in China. The gym turnstile is installed in the self-service gym. Users only need to use the mobile app to complete the registration and registration. When entering and leaving, they only need to verify the user’s face. The fitness time and expenses are automatically calculated on the system. Compared with the traditional manual registration and entry information, more convenient and faster.

It is very different from a gym in the traditional sense. Here are small compartments called “fitness warehouses”. Within a few square meters of space, a smart screen is eye-catching, which covers most of the anaerobic training items. . Similarly, you need to scan the code with your mobile phone to open the smart page. There are hundreds of training modes displayed on the screen, most of which are self-weight or anaerobic training modes participated by equipment.

Human-Computer Interaction

After the smart touch screen is turned on, there are two modes to choose from: operate by yourself or call on-site coaches for help. The reporter saw that there are two free coaches at the gym. If you are not familiar with the use of the smart screen for the first time, you can consult on the spot. “There are two robotic arms on both sides of the smart screen, which can be adjusted up, down, left, and right, and then select training parts with different equipment.” The on-site coach said to reporters while demonstrating. If you want to do your own research, there is no problem, just follow the smart screen prompts, and it is easy to get started.

Highly protected privacy

“No need for superfluous communication.” is one of the attractions of self-service gyms for young people, completely free from outside interference after wearing headphones. It is open 24 hours a day, and the gym is located in the lobby of the office building. People around who want to exercise can come whenever they want, and they can practice as long as they want.

Privacy is another reason why self-service gyms are so sought after. Whether it is the physical test situation or the training evaluation, it is directly sent from the smartphone to the user’s mobile phone, and no one can check it.

Gym settings are also more personalized. In the fitness room, fitness aids such as foam rollers, yoga blankets, fitness gloves and fascia guns are readily available. At the entrance gate, there is a control panel for zoned air conditioning, and users can choose the temperature that suits them according to their own characteristics.

Replacing instruments is cumbersome

Of course, the autonomous gym model has some limitations. For example, although the smart screen can cover most of the anaerobic training items, the terminal equipment needs to be replaced frequently when the robotic arm is used, which makes the user seem a little hesitant during combined training.

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