Swimming Injuries

Out To Sea: Common Swimming Injuries

Each hour more than 40 people die from drowning around the entire globe.

There are many causes of drowning including the conditions a person is in, injuries, and outside influences.

If you enjoy time at the pool or beach and out on the boat, you you will want to know the most common swimming injuries people experience.

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Neck Injuries

Have you ever been out in the water, swimming and you suddenly start to run out of breath?

Most people tilt their heads up as they try to take quick breaths between each stroke but this is one of the leading causes of neck injuries. Neck injuries can be avoided by learning how to control your breathing and resting when you can to limit strain on your upper back and neck.

By exercising and stretching, you can increase muscles in the neck and lower your risk of getting neck injuries while swimming. Practicing controlled breathing in a safe environment can also prepare you to keep afloat while out on the seas.

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Lower Back Pain

There are many reasons your back might be feeling sore. Whether the pain is from poor positioning while swimming or while doing the butterfly stroke, it is common on the water.

More than 30 million Americans, at any given moment, experience some sort of back pain— and swimming can be one of the biggest culprits.

Competitive swimmers often experience lower back pain from the butterfly stroke. This is because of the way that their arms and legs are pushing the back inward. It can cause discomfort and pinched nerves if left untreated.

If you begin to experience lower back pain, you must give yourself a break and work on breathing and exercising. Foam rollers and stability balls can help you work out knots in your back and lower your risk of injury.

Swimmer’s Shoulder

Constant motion is often to blame for a Swimmer’s shoulder, one of the most common swimming injuries.

Arms and hands are in continuous movement while swimming, especially while using backstroke and front crawl. This continuous movement quickly leads to overuse which can cause joint pain in the shoulders.

If your shoulder blade or scapula have been bothering you while swimming, you might want to take a break. These are typically signs of Swimmer’s shoulder and can lead to severe inflammation if left untreated.

For treating Swimmer’s shoulder, try resting the affected area and applying an ice pack. Stretching will also be beneficial for healing and recovery for swimming shoulder injuries.

Learn the Various Types of Swimming Injuries Before This Summer

When you go to the water there is often a list of things that you are sure to grab; sunscreen, towels, bathing suits, and sandals.

Something that many people forget to do is making stretching, breathing, and safety a priority. There is no better way to spend the summer than under the sun in the water, but once an injury lands, your entire summer can be ruined.

By understanding each of these swimming injuries, you can help prevent them for yourself and your family.

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