Outdoor activities that are a must-try in Germany

The world is a beautiful place, and the best way to experience this beauty is by adventuring through it. You can just look up beautiful landscapes on your computer and be happy with it, but the feeling of actually being there and doing something adventurous is something else entirely. This might sound cliché, but you do feel a connection with the nature around you. That feeling of bliss is something that can only be experienced and not explained, and what better place to get this experience than Germany?

If you’ve ever been to Germany, or you are a local resident, you know that German landscapes and locations look almost purpose-made for these adventures. There is so much that you can do, so many places you can explore, and so many life-altering adventures you can experience within those places. Reading any Outdoor Blog Germany will show you the true scope of options you have. But, for the sake of simplicity; here are a few of the most notable options:


Trekking or hiking is the activity of walking up a mountain or through a forest just to get to the other side. Often there isn’t even an endpoint to look forward to. Instead, the moment-to-moment experience is the goal. Now, if you’ve never been to Germany, you might think, “what’s so special about Trekking in Germany?” The answer to this lies in the variety of landscapes you’ll get to see during these hiking trips. You can live in Germany for a year as a tourist, go to a new spot every day, and you’ll still find something unique and exciting about your last walking trip.


Bikepacking is the activity of traveling along a natural train with nothing but your bike and few essential supplies. Bikepacking allows you to get much farther than you’ll get on your feet, and it’s also crazy fun. A group of friends bikepacking through the Black Forest will, without a doubt, have the time of their lifetime. Even if you are alone, you won’t feel lonely. The landscapes are inviting as much as they are welcoming. The aforementioned connection to nature gets stronger the more you go deeper into the popular hiking spots. Additionally, suppose you are decent and riding and controlling a bike on rough terrain. In that case, you can bring camping gear with you and set up a campsite smack dab in the middle of pure, unadulterated nature.

Winter sports:

Not all adventures in Germany require you to get into deep woods with no traces of civilization, as German winter sports are also a sight to behold. So why not go skiing in the scenic Bavarian Alps? The craziest part about German skiing is that it is unbelievably cheap. You get to enjoy a full-blown winter vacation, including the amazing food, while not emptying out your pockets.


These three are the broadest and most significant examples of what to do when adventuring in Germany. In reality, there are a lot of area-specific adventures to be had in this picturesque country.

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