Perks You Will Enjoy By Using iFun Screen Recorder

Perks You Will Enjoy By Using iFun Screen Recorder

Screen recording software is an excellent form of technology that allows you to record the activities on your computer screen. Presently, there are several of such programs in the market, but only few manage to stand out as the best.

One of them is iFun Screen Recorder, which is a product of IOBit. Under IObit, there are other utilities such as a software updater, an antivirus and a speedup tool. The screen recorder has many features that will benefit you in many ways when you use it.

Highlighted below are some of the perks that you will enjoy when you use this program.

  • It Is A Freeware

An amazing thing about iFun Screen Recorder is that it is free on download. Few programs can boast of being free to download and use. You can access its standout resources without subscribing to a premium package.

Additionally, you do not require a login to use this screen recorder. You visit its site and download the software.

  • Lightweight Software

On its download, you realize that the program does not require a sophisticated system for you to download and install it. It is a light program, which means that it won’t take much of your device’s storage space. As such, you can use it with a device with a low disk space.

Its lightness also translates to fast downloading, especially with a stable internet. In a matter of seconds, you will have the program ready for use on your PC.

  • It Is Versatile

You will also appreciate the versatility of this program. It is evident in areas like its compatibility to almost all Windows operating systems. It works with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You will also come across this attribute when you see the file formats it can save your recording.

The program saves the files in MP4, AVA, BBC, FLV, and MOV formats. You may pick your preferred format depending on your preference.

Finally, on its flexibility, there is the online screen recorder. It is another version of this screen recorder that you can use online. You do not have to download it and you can opt for it for quick and random screen captures.

Similar to the downloadable version, you do not have to login to use it.

  • User-Friendliness

It is always advisable to go for a user-friendly program that won’t bring issues to you when you use it. iFun Screen Recorder is easy to use, from its download to capturing the screen activities on your PC.

You do not need any technical know-how to use it. This makes it beginner-friendly, a feature that is hard to get in many programs. The online version is the true definition of ease, as recording is straightforward, primarily if you have a strong internet connection.

The downloadable version is also easy to use, and you have many features to take advantage of. For example you can capture any part of the screen or use your webcam for recording. Audio recording is possible with this recorder.


iFun Screen Recorder is an excellent screen recorder free of any costs. A look at is advantages, you see the reason why we term it as one of the best. To enjoy the perks, you should download it to your Windows PC. Optionally, you can use the online version, which is compatible with many browsers.

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