Protect Yourself From Unhealthy Air

Proven Measures To Protect Yourself From Unhealthy Air

Air pollution nowadays is not less than a life threat, due to this severe condition wearing a face mask for pollution is very normal. These masks are coming in various designs too. You are not even safe at home as indoor pollution is harmful too, so you should pay the same attention to indoor pollutants as you pay to outdoor pollutants. Obviously, it is not possible to avoid every pollutant present in surroundings but taking protective measures can help you to reduce the inhaling of these pollutants. Some measures can help you in protecting yourself from air pollution and its harm to you.

Avoid outdoor exercising: Exercises for a person are always good but exercising outdoors during a high level of pollution means inviting threats – pollution threats. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Ventilating: Having a chimney in the kitchen and exhaust in the bathroom can also help to avoid indoor air pollution. It ensures that air is recirculated.

Air Filters for Home: Cleaning products, deodorant, detergents, air fresheners, traditional cooking methods using woods, all can give rise to indoor air. In order to reduce this indoor pollution, you can opt for an air purifier or you can use home air purifying plants like aloe vera, spider plant, bamboo palm, etc. While going out on invisible pollution masks in such a way you can protect yourself from air pollution even outside and inside too. 

Wood Fires: Wood fires are also a pollution source. They produce smoke that is thick with the tiny pollution particles that penetrate deep into the body and are dangerous to health. So avoiding wood fires is the best way to avoid pollution exposure.

Plant more trees:

Trees not only do they filter and purify the air – one tree can save 13 pounds (about six pounds) of carbon each year – and it releases more oxygen, thus improving overall air quality. Research says that that air quality is 75% better in wooded areas. Growing Aloe Vera and spider plants indoors can also help.

Practice Respiratory Exercises:

Practice simple breathing and asanas such as pranayama, kapal bharti to combat the illness of pollution. Inhale from the nose and hold for some seconds then exhale from the nose and breathe out the maximum air you can from the nose and then open from the mouth and push out the left air with a sound. Do it in a standing position. 

Home Remedies

After coming in contact with the air pollutants, there is a dire need for the human body to detox itself. Even it is also essential to detox the lungs and skin. It is recommended to be extra careful about particulates and air pollution viruses that might have fixed in your outfits, hair, and even on your skin surface.

You can not control the pollution level but surely you can take some measures to protect yourself from bad and unhealthy air. Many measures we mentioned above including a face mask for pollution that will not even let the unhealthy air damage your breathing system.


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