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Six Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

A lot of those who have traditional dentures find it a hassle to wear them as they shift out of place easily. Thankfully, dentures can now be anchored with dental implants to prevent this issue and others. So, if you are considering having implant-supported dentures, you should see a dentist from Alpine Dental Center as soon as possible. They will tell you if this dental solution will work for you. 

Implant-supported dentures have an acrylic bottom that appears like your gums. Also, they have acrylic or porcelain teeth that mimic the look of natural teeth. Typically, dentists place dental implants near the front of your mouth, snapping the dentures into place. The following are the benefits of dentures anchored to a dental implant:

You Can Speak More Clearly

 Speaking clearly can be hard when you wear traditional dentures. Also, these dentures impede proper tongue movement. Although the impact may be subtle, it can cause you to lose confidence in the way you speak and feel embarrassed. Dentures supported by dental implants make sure your teeth remain where they should be and help you form words clearly. 

You Can Consume Your Favorite Food

Traditional dentures put limitations on your everyday diet. You won’t be able to chew hard and sticky foods and trying to do so can damage your dentures. Dentures anchored to an implant maintain greater stability, allowing you to chew firmly. As a result, you may be able to enjoy your favorite foods, possibly resulting in a healthier diet. 

You Experience Less Gum Irritation

As traditional dentures shift in your mouth and rub against your gums, they can cause irritation. But implant-supported dentures solve this issue by keeping the dentures in place. 

You Can Brush Your Teeth Normally

Implant-supported dentures allow you to brush your teeth without removing the dentures and soaking them. This is less maintenance before you go to bed every night.

You Don’t Lose Jawbone

When your teeth are pulled out to prepare for conventional dentures, your jawbone begins to weaken. Over time, the jawbone will resorb. But implants preserve and boost your jawbone when they fuse together and create a permanent bond, offering the simulation the bone needs.

You Can Save Money

Dentures anchored to an implant can save you money down the road. You don’t have to buy expensive dental adhesives and products you may need for treating pain and discomfort associated with wearing traditional dentures. In addition, implant-supported dentures don’t shift and offer a better chew. In turn, you will be less likely to get replacement dentures.  

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