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The Brief Guide That Makes Improving Construction Site Safety Simple

There are about 3 on-site worker injuries per 100 workers a year. That might seem like a small number, but in a country with over a hundred million workers, it adds up quickly.

So what can the construction industry do to ensure construction site safety and employee safety? How can we work together to drive that number down from 3 per 100 to 0?

Well, we can start by reading our handy guide to making construction site safety a priority for your construction firm.

It All Starts with Training

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and nothing prevents unsafe construction site practices quite like thorough training regimens. You might have legal protection in the form of lien waivers (explained at, but do your workers have physical protection?

Now, of course, that starts before any worker’s first day on the job. Any construction worker has to go through a battery of training methods and tests before they even show up to their first day at work.

But training shouldn’t end when you start working. It needs to continue through employees’ entire working lives.

Constantly keeping your workers up to date on the latest health and safety techniques and drilling them on construction best practices   is one of the best ways to ensure your workplace is 100% committed to construction site safety.

Daily Inspections

Just like training, inspections aren’t a ‘one and done’ thing. A construction site can be the pinnacle of employee safety at the start of the week and a disaster waiting to happen by the end of it. That’s why it’s so crucial to take the time each day to cast your eye around your construction firms worksites and kick the tires, even if it was all fine yesterday.

Before work each day, hold a quick meeting with your staff and have them go over anything and everything that might pose a risk to workers on the site. 

This is a great way to identify dangerous aspects of the workplace before they do damage to anyone. After all, your workers know the ins and outs of the site better than everyone else, since they work on it each and every day. That makes them the best placed people to act as inspectors and ferret out those lingering safety issues.

So get them to give you a detailed breakdown each morning. Fall risks, damaged electrical equipment, anything that might pose a risk to workers on-site. It can all be addressed and handled through daily inspections and meetings.

Construction Site Safety Is an Every Day Thing

So there you have it, a quick guide to a few ways to substantially improve your construction site safety. Whether you’re a huge construction conglomerate or a smaller construction firm, you’ll be thankful you implemented these techniques when your workers are safe, happy, and efficient.

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