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Tiling Auckland — The points of differences between the indoor and outdoor tiles!

The points of differences between the indoor and outdoor tiles!

Planning a complete home renovation? Tiles are certainly an important matter to discuss. Whether it’s your indoors or outdoors, tiles can be that X-factor which adds the much-needed glam effect to your home. But wait — don’t go in fixing any tile for your interior and the exteriors. These areas aren’t alike and that is why even the tiles for them should be different. So, do you know the points of differences between your interior and exterior tiles?

Ø  Know the right differences when choosing the tiles for your interior and exteriors.

There are a plethora of tiles available in the market to choose for your home. And once you get the ones suited best for your home, call First Home Services for tiling in Auckland. They’ll do a fabulous job of laying them perfectly in your property and enhance the beauty of the same. But do remember the essential points to enjoy the best advantages of the tiles on your property.

o   Durability— Whether it is the interior tiles or exterior ones, you always try to enjoy its benefits for long. But if you compare both of them, your exterior tiles should be tougher and more durable. It’s because they would be more vulnerable to traffic and damage. So, when you are picking your tiles for the exteriors, ensure to choose a tougher alternative.

o   Grout and expansion joints — When you are installing the tiles in your property, ensure to pay a close attention to the grout and expansion joints of both the interior and exterior tiles. The grout material you are using in your exteriors is comparatively thick and should be especially made with cement and premixed grout. While for the interiors, there are different materials which may not be that long-lasting. And you have to even consider the expansion of the tiles because of the weather exposure when you are picking the one for the exteriors.

o   Texture of the tiles — Some tiles turn slippery when they come in contact with even a little bit of water or moisture. Obviously, such tiles are unsuitable for the exteriors. But for interiors, they can be accepted. The rough textured tiles which are skid resistant are more preferred for the exterior side of your home rather than your interiors.

o   Glaze and presentation — A glazed tile with shiny and smooth finish looks captivating and attractive in your indoors. It adds a touch of royalty and beauty here. Naturally, such a glazed shine of the tile won’t last long in your exteriors.

These points of differences should be studied well when you are picking the tiles for your home. Apart from these, keep in mind that you’ll require tiles that are easy to clean and maintain for your outdoors and the ones that don’t stain because of sunlight. These pointers will ensure that whatever tiles you choose, they’ll prove the most beneficial for your property.

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