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The Most Popular Casino Games

If you visit any casino in the world, you will likely see the same types of games in each and every one of them. Some are, of course, much more popular than others and this is the case for many different reasons, including how easy the game is to play and the prize money that you can win from playing it. Those ones that you will see most people playing include…


A simple table game that just about anyone can learn to play. Players put chips on to the table to place their bet and once they have all been placed, the wheel is spun by the dealer. In which ever pocket the ball lands, the corresponding bets win.

3 Card Poker

The most popular of all of the poker variations, this game can be found in any casino in the world. The aim of the game is to make the best possible hand from the three cards that the dealer hands out to you. Because of how simple it is, the rules can be learned quickly.

Video Slots

Lots of fun to play with lots of exciting in game features, such as themed games and unbelievable graphics. In addition to being fun to play, they also provide good payouts too.

Classic Blackjack

A certain level of skill is required in order to win at this game. However, the rules are simple to follow and it is relatively easy to play. A high intensity game that is constantly changing, the aim of it is to beat the hand of the dealer and get to a value of 21 with your own cards.

Classic Slots

Similar to video slots, these have fewer reels and so fewer pay lines also. Despite of this, they are just as fun to play. Their simplicity to play and the small bets that can be placed on them is what attracts players to them.

European Blackjack

Not massively different from the classic version of blackjack, this game is popular with those players that play perfect blackjack. This is because the rules are easy to grasp and the potential for reward is high. The dealer is given one card that is face up on the first deal. None of the cards in the game are hold cards.


A popular table game whereby players have to try and determine which player’s hand is closest to the value of nine. It can be found in pretty much any casino in the world that you go into. If you are a fan of visiting international gambling venues then take a look at these new casino hotels in 2021.


Players are given a card that has the number 1 through to 80 on it. It is then the job of the player to pick twenty different numbers from this selection and then place a bet based on those. Once all bets have been placed, the casino employee then picks out twenty numbers at random, and if the ones that you picked are called out, then you win.


In this game, players are allowed to roll the dice themselves but can only win during two stages of the game. This is a top rated game. The edge that the casino has over the players is a fair one and you are able to place bets on those players who are throwing the two dice.

Wheel of Fortune

A table game that lets players place a bet or bets on one of the many symbols that are on the table. There are typically six different symbols. The dealer spins the wheel and when it eventually comes to a stop, those bets (if any) that were placed on the symbol that it stops on, wins.

Pai Gow Poker

This is a combination of the Chinese card game Pai Gow and American style poker. In this game however, all players are competing against the house rather than each other. The aim of the game is to make the best possible 5 card hand and 2 card hand from the seven cards that you are dealt by the dealer.


In this game, players get a card or cards with a 5 x 5 matrix grid on them. Each column on that grid spells out the letters B I N G O. The aim of the game is to match the numbers that have been randomly selected (either by a bingo caller or a computer) with the ones that you have on your card(s). The winner of the game is that player who forms a line across the five columns first.

French Roulette

There are a number of different ways in which players can place bets in this game. This is because bets can be put on either groups of numbers or just a single one. Once all bets have been placed, the wheel is then spun by the dealer. In which ever pocket the ball lands, the corresponding bets win.

Video Poker

Players put coins in to the machine and then place their bet. Five cards are then dealt out to the player. If the ones given out are not to their liking, then these can be changed. Once satisfied with the selection of cards, these appear on the screen of the machine. If it turns out to be the winning hand, you win and get paid out.

Carribean Stud Poker

This game is played against the casino itself rather than against other players. To prosper, you need to play to a winning strategy. Getting to grips with the game can be tricky, so it is best to have some practice before staking any significant money on it.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

A poker based game that is top rated within casinos. As well as being really easy to play, it is also highly entertaining. Players compete against the dealer rather than with one another. Players are dealt a total of seven cards but can only use five of those in order to make up a hand.

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