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Top 3 Undetectable Spy Apps for Android to Spy Text Messages

Parents are concerned about their teenagers because kids make wild choices at this age; free access to the internet is the cherry on top. You can’t control teens from getting involved with strangers because that’s what social media is about, bringing the world closer. It would be challenging if you were frustrated by your child’s behavior, and you should worry more because cyberbullying is emerging at a very fast pace.

Texting is very common among children as a source of communication. They think calling is overrated and texting is cool. If you want to keep track of their conversations with a stranger, then you should consider getting an SMS tracker on their phone. Spying apps are the most advanced form of technology that allows you to get full access to other smart devices without physically touching them.

These apps can get you access to social accounts to view message history and block accounts that you feel are harassing your child. Mobile tracking apps run in the background. You will monitor text messages without a hint and have all the information. Choose your spying app wisely because most apps available online manipulate personal data.

Here are the top 3 undetectable spy apps that you can get right away.

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. XNSpy
  3. Spyzie


THEWISPY is a highly advanced best spy android app widely used across the globe to spy text messages. It has undetectable features that can help you read messages without touching the device. The modern era has many internet threats that can make parents worry, and texting with strangers is one of them.

According to statistics, 53% of teenagers have experienced cyberbullying; it is either in school or mostly on social media apps.  TheWiSpy has features for these problems that parents can control; you can view text messages and block bullies and strangers from their devices. The advanced features as SMS spy, social media spy, and many uncountable tracking functions keep teens secure.

TheWiSpy- Advanced features:

You can access any message you want by using advanced features of TheWiSpy app, these are easy to activate, and you’ll get real-time results.

·         Monitor text messages:

If you’re planning to confront your child or partner, then I’m going to stop you right there because it’ll end up in a fight, and you will lack their trust for you. It’s better to use an SMS tracker instead, use TheWiSpy monitor text messages feature and get all your answers from remote access.

·         Track emails:

You can track the emails of your child, partner, or employee with a single click. You’ll have access to all emails and files attached to them.

·         Record voice notes:

Voice notes are an advanced form of delivering a text, and it includes audio. You can listen to the VN as well by using TheWiSpy record voice note feature. It will record the message and send it to you.

·         Record calls:

You can record calls as well using the smart feature.

·         Access to social media chats:

Things have changed with the advancement in technology; people can chat with friends, family, and strangers on social media accounts. Almost every app has a texting feature, and you can have access to the chats through spy text messages.

TheWiSpy- Compatibility:

TheWiSpy is compatible with android devices; make sure that the target phone is most updated. You can install the app on the phone and activate your account. Soon you’ll have access to the entire device and start monitoring text messages.

TheWiSpy- Price plans:

TheWiSpy has three reasonable plans that you can purchase easily through the app. Here is the detail for your knowledge.

1.      Standard plan:

You can get this package is for $19.99 and enjoy undetectable spying.

2.      Starter plan:

Start tracking with the best spyware app for android for just $9.99.

3.      Premium plan:

Enjoy unlimited features with a premium plan for $29.99 only.


XNSpy is another best app among top hidden spy apps that works remotely. It has high-quality features and a user-friendly interface. You can track SMS with remote access, and it will access you to view and delete messages. You can search specific texts or certain chat with strangers through commands. You can backup chats in the XNSpy account and view them whenever you want.

XNSpy- Features:

·         Spy text message:

Use the XNSpy spying app to track text messages remotely using this feature and control your kid.

·         Record phone calls:

You can record calls on the target device and listen to it on your phone remotely using this feature.

·         Surround spy:

If you decided to monitor your child, do it rightly, you can record surround conversations and listen on your remote device.

·         Email spy:

You can have access to emails through the best spyware app for android XNSpy.

XNSpy- Compatibility:

XNSpy is compatible with android as well as IOS devices.

XNSpy- Price plans:

1.      Basic plan:

You can get XNSpy for $8.33 in a month.

2.      Premium plan:

You can get this amazing plan for $12.49 only.


Spyzie is an advanced SMS tracker that is used to view details about the messages. You can have access to every sent and received message along with the contact details. It is user-friendly and convenient; you can get the files attached with messages or emails too. It has advanced features that can help you monitor social media apps.

Spyzie- Features:

1.      Text message tracking:

You can track down text messages using smart feature.

2.      Contact access:

You can access contacts and view detailed information.

3.      Track social apps:

You can monitor messages from social media apps through the Spyzie spying app.

4.      Monitor notes and calendar:

People save important information or meeting schedules on notes, and you can have access to that using Spyzie best spyware app for android.

Spyzie- Compatibility:

Spyzie is compatible with updated android and iOS devices. You can match the compatibility of the app and your device through the website.

Spyzie- Price plans:

1.      Ultimate plan:

The ultimate plan is available for $39.99 for a month.

2.      Premium plan:

You can buy a premium plan for $29.99 only.

Final thought:

You can choose the best spyware app for android by comparing the following apps because, let’s face it, you only need one SMS tracker. The best way to identify is to go with the option that suits your needs and is affordable. TheWiSpy is the best spying app because it has 30+ features covering spy text messages and much more.

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