Going with the whole family on a vacation to Dubai to the coast of the Persian Gulf, you do not need to worry about children : young travelers will have a rest no worse than adults. The best entertainment in the world awaits children of all ages, and in terms of infrastructure, the resort has no equal.

In fact, during a vacation in Dubai, the question of where to go with a child is unlikely to arise. Rather, the question is different: how to get out of there? Patience, dear parents – let the children have a rest to the fullest.

1. Amusement Park “Wonderland”

The largest water park in Dubai is located in the Wonderland amusement park – “Wonderland”. The huge family park can accommodate up to 8,000 people at a time. Wonderland is divided into three zones: pirates live on the main street, squeals and laughter never stop on the rides, and the water park is the most spectacular place in the park.

On Main Street or Main Street, pirates run everything. Children are entertained by funny clowns, magicians, actors and artists. The Family Entertainment Center features rides, video games and a children’s cafe. Here, an unforgettable show awaits visitors – “Water Cinema”: in the evenings, a film is shown right on the water surface of the lake. Myenvoyair is a regional airline operating in America since 1984. Formerly American eagle airlines, its maiden flight took off on November 1, 1984, and was operated by metro flight.

The second zone in Wonderland is a huge amusement park. What is not here: racing karting, roller coasters, a horror house, huge trampolines, inflatable fortresses, pirate ships and carousels. Also, here you can find sand dune buggy rental, for more thrills.

The Waterpark in Wonderland is called Splashland: nine water attractions, water slides and three swimming pools. There is a lot of entertainment in this area for the youngest visitors.

2. Oceanarium at Dubai Mall

A trip to Dubai without the Dubai Mall is not a trip. It is the largest shopping and entertainment center in the world, and it houses an oceanarium that has entered the Guinness Book of Records. The record holder has the world’s largest marine life observation panel – 32 meters long and 8 meters high. This aquarium has 10 million liters of water.

You can go through the aquarium through a special tunnel, looking at more than thirty thousand marine life. Schools of fish swim overhead, fearful eels sway in neon lighting, seahorses circle around bright corals. Clownfish, turtles, crabs, mollusks, rays, even Napoleon fish and tiger shark swim here.

The most unusual service of the Dubai Aquarium is shark diving. Those who wish are instructed, they are given diving equipment and, together with experienced divers, they go down to the aquarium. The dive takes place in a special cage – it is safe, and you can see and even feed the sand and tiger sharks. In addition, underwater photography is taught here.

There is a zoo above the aquarium, where funny penguins, all kinds of snakes and lizards, beavers and even beetles live.

3. KidZania is a land of professions

The Dubai Mall is also home to the famous country of professions – KidZania. Here, children from 2 to 15 years old in a playful way comprehend a variety of professions.

Visitors enter KidZania via the air service – through the real check-in counter, where they need to present their ticket. At the “customs control”, each child and accompanying adult is put on bracelets with an identification chip, which track their location. That is, the child can leave only with the one with whom he came.

Getting lost and lost in KidZania is impossible – 300 adult supervisors are in control of what is happening. Otherwise, everything in KidZania is like in a real city: streets with traffic lights, airport, hospitals, police, bank, theater. The city offers car rental, beauty salons, attractions and shops.

Upon arrival in Kinzania, children receive some money in local Kidzo currency to spend on attractions and activities inside the park. Of course, money runs out quickly, so they offer to earn it.

To earn money for local entertainment, the child chooses a profession – there are more than 80 of them here. He is offered to go to the information center, choose a job and have an interview. At any time, you can change a boring job or master several professions in a day. For the training courses taken in KidZania – from driving to cooking – children receive certificates.

In KidZania, children build houses, put out fires, receive patients, trade in shops, play in the theater, deliver mail, and broadcast television. Everything here is like with adults: the more you work, the more you earn.

4. Big Zoo in Jumeirah

In the Jumeirah area, next to the famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, there is a zoo. Dubai Zoo is considered the best in the United Emirates and competes boldly with the world’s leading zoos.

This zoo was opened in 1967 on the basis of a private collection of exotic animals. More than 1,500 animals now live here. Particular attention is paid to the fauna of Arabia: African lions and Bengal tigers, Syrian bears, giraffes and chimpanzees.

There are also rare representatives of the animal world that are threatened with extinction: for example, the Arabian wolves, which are almost exterminated in the wild. Gordon’s Arabian wildcat and the Socotrian cormorant colony are the only ones on the planet.

In the Dubai Zoo, 9 species of large felines, 7 species of primates, including a rare species of chimpanzee and the Arabian rattlesnake, peacefully coexist.

A spacious aviary has been built for birds of prey. Here you can see the African eared vulture, which is listed in the Red Book.

5. Creekside Park in Deira

The Dubai Dolphinarium is located in Creekside Park Dubai on the western coast of Deira. Shows with trained dolphins, seals and fur seals are held here. And of course you can swim with dolphins here!

The dolphinarium conducts group and individual sessions of dolphin therapy lasting 20 minutes. During the session, the coach is outside the pool with dolphins, therefore children over 5 years old participate in the sessions.

There is a special children’s school in the dolphinarium, where they study marine animals, do drawing and gymnastics. Adults can leave the child with the teacher – lessons last 45 minutes.

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