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Top Designs and Ideas for Fitted Wardrobes to Inspire Your Own

If you are aiming to transform your home, particularly your bedroom space, you may have already considered having a fitted wardrobe. There’s no other way to say it – fitted wardrobes are brilliant. They allow you to have the space you need for all your stuff (and most of us have a lot!), and they can also add that little bit of aesthetic appeal that will make your bedroom complete. Fitted wardrobes are the perfect design and functional element, and they’re ideal for all your items, like accessories, shoes, jewelry, and much more. But it’s one thing to decide that you want a fitted wardrobe and another thing altogether to design the perfect one. Do you want the best-fitted wardrobe for your needs? Following are some top designs and ideas for fitted wardrobes to inspire your own.

Your fitted wardrobe doors

Whilst fitted wardrobes can easily come in a mix and match of designs, colors, and styles, hinged fitted wardrobe doors may be just the thing if you want something that has a more traditional appearance to fit your traditional-themed bedroom. If you have a bedroom that’s more modern and contemporary, however, you may want sliding doors that can give the wardrobe a sleeker and more chic finish. They’re also a great option if you don’t have that much space.

You have another option – you can do away with the doors and go for wardrobes with an open front. You can put your things on a prominent display and give your room a more relaxed vibe. Of course, it follows that you need to be tidy with your belongings, but it’s an ideal option if you want something more relaxed and casual.

More on sliding doors

Sliding doors are excellent if you want something that saves space, but there’s more to sliding doors than meets the eye. They are a popular choice amongst many homeowners because you have a range of options to choose from, including the number of doors and their widths. Also, sliding doors can have different finishes and styles, including mirrored glass, wood, and more, as renowned experts on fitted wardrobes in Manchester attest.

More on mirrors

Mirrors are also popular when it comes to fitted wardrobes because you can choose mirrors that cover your complete wardrobe or only a portion of it. You can choose a different style or design for each mirror as well. If you want something fully functional, you can opt for full-length ones that not only allow you to check out your OOTD but also bring light into your bedroom and make it look airier and brighter. Keep in mind, though, that whilst mirrors look beautiful, you would have to spend some effort in keeping them clean, as fingerprints and dust can be more easily noticeable. One further option is to have mirrors inside the wardrobe doors, so you can have them hung on the back of the wardrobe doors or as panels that you can pull out.

Corner wardrobes

Corner wardrobes are awesome if space is tricky, and you can choose from various options that include curved railings, pull-out railings, and long railings. Your fitted wardrobe partner can also make recommendations on creative storage solutions for your perfect corner wardrobe.

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