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Toy Tips That Make Your Child Smarter

The best toys for kids promote mental growth, teach them to share and develop their imagination. The best toys on Play Edo provide hours of fun and learning, that is why it is important to choose the right ones. Here are some toy tips that make your child smarter:

Choose educational toys that suit your child’s age and ability

If you get a toy which is too difficult for the child’s age, he or she may lose interest because it’s too hard for them to play with. On the other hand, if you get a toy which is too easy, he or she will become bored because it’s not challenging enough.

Think about your child’s interests

If you get a toy which relates to your child’s interests, he or she will be more interested in playing with that toy. For example, if your son loves cars and trucks, you can get him any kind of truck themed toy as a gift like die-cast car, remote control car and plastic car models. This way he will be excited to play with his new gift every day.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

These intense blocks have magnetized edges that allow for building bridges, towers and anything else a kid can dream up. The magnets help develop the ability for spatial reasoning.


This logic puzzle challenges players to solve mazes by drawing lines on the grid. Solving the maze reveals a picture, but it’s more challenging than it seems — there are over 100 puzzles in this game!

Stack Attack

This game is pretty simple — it’s a stack of colorful blocks that kids arrange as they please. But this game includes an educational twist — it comes with cards with math questions on them, so parents can test their kids’ basic math skills while they play with this fun game.

Magnetic letters

Play games to reinforce spelling and letter recognition. Magnetic letters are also great tools for making words, spelling simple words or working on writing skills by “writing” on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces.

Color sorting toys

Color sorting is a great way for little ones to learn about color, but it also reinforces fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Shape sorters

Shape sorters help build a child’s problem solving skills, concentration, memory and shape recognition. They are also great for improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Puzzles are not only fun, but they also encourage creativity as well as spatial manipulation as your child builds his or her puzzle piece by piece. Puzzles also help develop hand-eye coordination, problem solving, pattern recognition and more.


Running and jumping — activities these days often limited by parental fears of injury — promote eye-hand coordination, fast reaction times and spatial awareness. So get down on the floor with your child, even if you’re not able to do much more than crawl around together. You’ll be providing an engaging activity while also helping your child learn important movement skills. As he gets older and more comfortable around other children, he’ll also learn how to play with others in ways that don’t result in injury for either party.

Play Pretend

Playing pretend is one of the most important things you can do to stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity. Pretend play gives them the chance to build empathy because they’re imagining how someone else might feel or react to a situation. It also helps them identify different emotions by associating them with physical actions or objects. For example, if you’re playing house and your child has a doll named Emily who is sad, he might say that she needs a hug or some ice cream to cheer her up.

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