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Unique Trips That Are Worth Your Time

There are so many incredible places in the world worth a visit, it can be difficult to pick the best one to spend time in. Here are six that are worth the trip, whether they’re close to home or a distant adventure.

Barcelona, Spain

Starting with one that’s only a transatlantic plane ride away, Barcelona is well worth the trip. Barcelona gives you a mix of waterfront fun, urban sprawl and historic architecture, including works by the famous Antoni Gaudi. There’s an amazing art scene and the culture is laid back and relaxed.

You also can’t beat the food and wine. Paella, the national dish of Spain, is delicious. Pair it with a glass of rioja. Or celebrate your trip with a glass of cava and a table full of tapas.


Though it’s not as logistically easy to get to as Spain, a visit to The Great Alone is an experience like no other. With vast beauty, stark landscapes and amazing sites, Alaska is worth the trip. Alaskan cruises are a great way to get there too. You’ll have the chance to see many of the wonders of the state, without having to think through the logistics of getting from A to B.

Alaska also offers great food. You can even catch your own if you try deep sea fishing. Seafood is fresh and delicious here, and well worth the trip.


Like Alaska, Utah is an incredible place to visit, full of natural beauty. Depending on where you are in the state, there are numerous national parks to explore. In the northern portions, visit Moab and Arches National Parks. In the south, visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

No matter where you’re jumping off point is, Utah works best by car, as a road trip. It’s a lot of fun to start in Las Vegas and drive through the desert to get to the southern portions of the state. You can even stop at some amazing state and national parks in Arizona along the way.

The Maldives

A bit further flung, The Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The chain consists of 1,192 islands that span the equator. Only 200 of these islands are inhabited and the nation is mostly water, even though it’s vast.

This place is like no other. Waters are clear and surround reefs of incredible color. You’ll also get the chance to see spectacular marine life, as they visit the reefs that call The Maldives home.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

From ocean to desert, Albuquerque is also worth a visit. It’s best to arrive by plane, and it helps to have a car to get around the city. This city has a unique, artistic culture, heavily inspired by Native Americans. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride or visit one of the many shops and purchase from a local artisan.

You’ll also want to sample the food, which has a Native American flair. Foods tend to be spicy, so be ready for pepper and hot sauce-inspired dishes. You’ll want to try frybread while you’re in town, a delicious staple.

Yosemite National Park

Another place in the United States known for its natural beauty, Yosemite is the experience of a lifetime. The park terrain ranges from mountain to forest. Find huge sequoias in Mariposa Grove and mountainous views all around. It’s best to have a 4WD vehicle while visiting this park, and there may be snow on the ground well into the summer, so check weather reports before visiting.

Another great reason to visit Yosemite, it’s right outside San Francisco. Add a day or two in this amazing city to your trip and you won’t be disappointed. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, scope out the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf and eat some of the best seafood in the United States.

With so many amazing places to visit in the world, it’s important to start planning your next trip!

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