reclaimed materials

Using reclaimed materials in building and renovating

Incorporating old, recycled, or antique materials to the renovation is today a fashionable way to add character to it. Apart from its aesthetic touch, such materials bring a trendy look to the housing and contribute to the antique’s preservation and new living.

What are reclaimed materials?

Recycled materials are materials that have been used before and are re-used as construction materials. That might be in buildings, during temporary works, or for other uses. These materials can be wood flooring, antique reclaimed parquet and floorboards, stone flooring and paving, antique French fireplaces, reclaimed cobbles, reclaimed terra-cotta tiles, and bricks, roof tiles, architectural ironwork, fountains, stone troughs, and pools or gateway pillars, etc. These materials can be seen in BCA Antique Materials, along with other antique materials such as antique furniture or decorative details that can be used without reprocessing to preserve its originality and first appearance.

The purpose of using reclaimed materials in building and renovating

Using old or antique materials to a modern renovation could not be as evident as it might seem. But the touch that they bring may highlight your interior and bring up modern and contemporary soupçon as wood, stone, marble, and terra-cotta are still fashionable and trendy. If they are well integrated into the project, they will bring a luxurious and unique environment. Antique materials also remain economic as they are particularly robust and can last for a lifetime, whether used inside and outside. In fact, floors in terracotta, marble or stone last for centuries remain durable assets which require any periodic replacement while new and modern industrial floors are easily broken and tend to badly age. And finally, notice that bringing up reclaimed materials in your new house gives it a sense of continuity with the past and contributes to its preservation and salvation.

How to incorporate reclaimed materials into your renovation

Generally, when you want to use reclaimed materials during your building or renovation works, you use them in their original form. But sometimes, they may be adapted and cut to size, cleaned up, and also refinished according to everyone’s needs and affinity. They gather updated natural materials such as antique French oak and limestone that can be easily incorporated as a chandelier  to your new kitchen, as bucolic furniture in the new bathroom and even as a pastoral hand-made bench to your new bedroom, bringing up a rustic and natural touch to the modern look of these modern, contemporary and fashionable interiors. Even if the trend tends to actually emphasize minimalism, you can pigment up your interiors with antique furniture and materials to make them look less sterile and uninventing. You can integrate these materials into your renovation and mix them up with the new and modern materials to bring up authentic and noble touch to the whole house.

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