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Visit Melbourne: The (Non) Tourist Guide

Of all the must-see destinations in Australia, Melbourne’s right at the top of the list. Located in Victoria, in the southeast of the country, this thriving Aussie metropolis attracts almost 38 billion visitors every year. It’s no surprise either…

From its impressive street art and live music scene to the incredible coffee and endless shopping opportunities, this city boasts myriad unmissable attractions. Are you planning a trip and want some help deciding your itinerary?

Check out this Melbourne tourist guide that’s sure to benefit locals and travelers alike!

When to Travel Melbourne

Melbourne remains a compelling travel destination throughout the entire year. However, we strongly suggest timing your visit for the shoulder seasons, which fall between March and May or September and November. Why?

Because these times of year are a) less touristic, b) more cost-effective, and c) cooler. That last point’s all-important. Trust us, exploring a major Australian city in the middle of their scorching summers is best avoided!

How Long Should You Spend In Melbourne?

As long as you possibly can! Melbourne’s such an awesome place that you could spend weeks there and never get bored. Having said that, another positive quality of this city is that it’s possible to see and do a lot in a short space of time.

All things considered, we recommend spending no less than 3 days looking around.

Passing through and only have a few hours to see the city though? Don’t worry, you can use services like Mindmybag to store your luggage and start exploring straight away! You could see the penguins at St. Kilda Beach, walk around Queen Victoria Market, or grab a bite to eat at any of the innumerable cafes and restaurants before you have to leave.

Things to Do In Melbourne

Like any major city, Melbourne’s jam-packed with museums, theatres, art galleries, parks, bars, and eateries! Unlike other major cities, though, it also offers beaches, penguins, community gardens, and the world’s greatest coffee. Here are a few Melbourne attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your trip:

  1. St. Kilda: A stunning stretch of sand with an exciting, bohemian vibe and countless cafes, St. Kilda’s a must-do for any Melbourne itinerary.
  2. Phillip Island: Venture a bit further out from the CBD and you get to Phillip Island, a beautiful beach spot that’s renowned for its wildlife. To see seals, koalas, and hundreds of penguins in the nightly “penguin’s parade”, head here at your earliest convenience.
  3. Museums: You could spend days exploring Melbourne’s many museums. Make sure you check out the Melbourne Museum, the Immigration Museum, and the National Gallery of Victoria while you’re in town.

Don’t Forget These (Non) Tourist Guide to Melbourne

Tens of millions of visitors flock to Melbourne from around the world every single year. And for good reason! It’s an urban Aussie paradise, complete with amazing culture, food, scenery, and excitement.

If you’re planning a trip there at some point in the future, then we hope this tourist guide will help you make the most of it. Got some more time in the Land Down Under? Search ‘Australia’ on the website for more travel tips and insights on this remarkable country.

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